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Fix RS-2 or upgrade?

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I've had my RS-2 for years (#1005!).  Lately, the joint where the cable goes from each earphone to the single cable has been tearing and it's starting to affect the sound (cut in and out).  I love the sound of Grado phones and, while I've been eyeing the PS-500, I don't really want to spend the money.  However, now it looks like the repair for these is going to be about $75.  I'm wondering if it's better to just cut bait, sell these off, and upgrade.


So, my question is, has anyone listened to both the RS-2 and the PS-500?  How about the RS-2 and RS-2i?  How do you feel they compare?


I searched and couldn't find much that compares the older RS-2 to the more recent cans.  It's been a while since I've really browsed around here as I've been happy with my setup.  


Side question:  In general, how much of an upgrade is the "i" line over the original?  RS-2i vs. RS-2, SR-60 vs. SR-60i, etc?

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The i line ime uses the same drivers but thicker cabling and difference cup design (model dependent).  I'd say just send them into Grado for repair.  Even if you wanted to jump ship to another headphone you're probably better off selling a working phone than selling one in need of work at a substantial loss.


Also forgot to mention, unfortunately the woodied Grados require special heating to get open unless you're comfortable marring them during the opening process, so Grado really is a good bet to do the work.

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The RS2 is too good to be left unrepaired--especially for just $75.

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Mr. Sneis and KJ Jag speaks the truth.  Get them repaired for nominal cost, keep or sell it at a price it should be sold at.   Broken cans takes a big hit in resale.


On a side note, I never could depict the sonic difference between the  "i" and its predecessor.  I found the thicker cable and its weight more of an annoyance than an "i"mprovement.


Also my number 1003 says "hello" to your 1005.

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I was on the fence of purchasing the PS500 as well, but for the price, I would go down the full Magnum route.  There are some die hard Grado fans that think it's the "improvement" that Grado should have gone in the mid and upper tier models.  I wish I hadn't been so hasty and sold it off like I did.

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