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For Sale: [SOLD]: AKG K701

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For Sale:
[SOLD]: AKG K701

Will Ship To: Anywhere

200520121318.jpg    200520121319.jpg


AKG K701


I am selling off some of my gears to finance big upgrade. I am the original owner of this AKG K701 which I brought in March 08. This headphone works perfectly sound wise but there are some damages to the headband assembly. From the pictures below, it can be seen both the thin inner transparent plastic side pieces that link up to the headband have broken off. The inner covers that held the black elastic in place are broken/ damaged (see piece 6 on the K701 schematic below). There is also a small scratch on the lower front of the right cup (hard to spot). Despite the above, the headphone is perfectly usable. This pose a nice oppertunity to test out a top notch headphone on the cheap.


In term of physical usage, the damage does not affect it very much. The sliding movement (up & down) of the headband is less smooth than normal pair. The headband now exert less pressure to the head which I found a bit more comfortable than normal pair. Sound wise is not affected by the damages, no issue there.


As everyone is awared, K701 does need amp to get the most out of it.


normal akg.jpg

(Perfect K701 will have thin transparent plastic side pieces, see red circle above)



(Thin transparent side piece broke & snap off)



(Thin transparent side piece broke & snap off)


akg schematic.jpg

(AKG K701 schematic)


piece close up.jpg

(The red indicates location of damage)






close up 2.jpg

(Red circle shows where the scratch mark on the right cup)


Included with the AKG K701 is a phono to mini adapter, instruction manual, the stand but no box.

I am asking for £xx plus P&P. For most UK locations postage is about £9.75. Pick up is available for London buyer. For Europe, please PM me and I will found out the cost of postage. I accept Paypal (verified) and personal cheque for UK. For Paypal payment please add 4% on top to cover Paypal fee. If you have any questions please let me know.




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More pics:









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I've made an offer

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