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Originally Posted by Jjacq View Post

Diva is so weird, at least the Japanese version. The Korean version was done way better :(...

Kimchee help us keep this thread alive :D


I like the japanese version, the versions are very different though. Original korean version had more spirit maybe, but it just didn't fit in that case.



Originally Posted by EinZweiDrei View Post

does this group sing in korean and japanese?
in this song the lyrics are in japanese. and engrish...
well the thread saids kpop.
actually just ignore me... im just a nobody who knows nothing..


Most k-pop groups do japanese versions and original songs in japanese. It's a big market there...



Another one of my favorites, when I first heard this I listened this about 5 times in a row:


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Those are some...colorful...outfits. Haha.

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haha any groups you're liking now manveru?

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Originally Posted by Jjacq View Post

haha any groups you're liking now manveru?


Woops, sorry for the late response, haha.


I liked miss A, Clazziquai Project, Epik High, and IU. Also came across Younha by seeing her name on the Umbrella video and I like her stuff too.

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One of the most awesome k-pop songs ever made. <3


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I love SNSD! They are the best. I'm such a SONE. If anyone needs any good songs by them, I would recommend Paparazzi, Oh!, Genie, or Hoot. 

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hi therebiggrin.gif


SM trolled us hard by the last TTS music video, should I say music slideshow xO


until they released Paparazzi, I couldn't be happier

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Pure gold! = )

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hey i was just wondering whats a good pair of iems that can tame the sibilance in kpop songs such as big bang - still alive (at the 1:50 mark VERY SIBILANT) 

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In the Music forum -

edit - nm.. didn't see date at first. though I guess this one was still made after that one was!
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If this thread isn't dead. Where do some of you get your high quality Kpop music files? (Especially SNSD.)

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Glad to find this thread. :) Yes I'm a bit of a metalhead. Yes, I love SNSD. :D Those two aren't mutually exclusive. :)


So yeah, I stumbled across SNSD about two years ago, and nearly fell in love with Sooyoung, *swoon* and Hyoyeon, for their awesome dancing skills, and Taeyeon for her awesome singing.


f(x) is probably my favourite Kpop act in terms of the music alone. Every one of those girls are fantastically talented.

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Originally Posted by Mheat122134 View Post

If this thread isn't dead. Where do some of you get your high quality Kpop music files? (Especially SNSD.)

CDs are hard to find unless you import. ITunes has 256Kbps files, and for the price (compared to importing!) it isn't bad. Kpop ain't exactly audiophile material, most of the time so I find no need to be that picky, personally.

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What's the problem in importing CD's? I have probably around 75% or more of my collection imported. = ) It sucks that the CD's aren't available locally, but that's life here in Finland. About the cost... I find that unless you have an amazing record store next door, you still need to order them from somewhere. The shipping costs aren't much higher than domestically, which is something really strange. But here it's true. Many stores also offer free shipping when you order enough or some sort of bonus system. But that's just me and my experiences.


K-pop and other asian pop is in my opinion generally much more detailed than other pop and it really improves with better gear and better file quality. But we make our own choises, to me CD is much more than just better sound quality.

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