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For Sale:
Spring Cleaning, various DIY items (UPDATED 09/22/2012)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm doing a spring cleaning on my DIY stuff, here is some stuff I won't be using anymore and could make someone happy. All prices are USD. Shipping cost and paypal taxes are NOT included in the price. Will ship worldwide. Please PM me for pictures. I might add more stuff as I find it, please keep visiting.I am no interested in trades.


  • 1 o22 power supply. Standard Kit bought from glassjaraudio for -+18v. It is fully assembled. 100USD 


  • 4x a20 kits. Includes all parts to populate 4 a20 amplifier boards with standard parts from AMB parts list including matched input jfets bought from amb. Also included the heatsinks for the output transistors. 100USD for the 4 kits. This will make a great balanced amplifier or preamp if used with the o22, it was my original plan.
  • 2x 5 Pro Stax female plugs. machined teflon, gold plated pins. these were made for a group buy and have very good quality. 25USD each
  • 5x 3.5mm mini plug for panel mounting. metal and plastic body, very sturdy and with good contact. 1USD each, 4USD for the 5 units

  • thank for watching,


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