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KSC75 in iGrado body

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So I was trying to rewire my iGrados, and I killed the right driver. Apparently SR-60 and iGrado use an adhesive/solder to tie the driver wires to the pads that is not tolerant to multiple resoldering, many an iGrado/SR-60 have died this way on this forum.


I was a little depressed, but then I remembered that I had some KSC-75 lying around. After removing the pads, it fits perfectly where the iGrado driver used to be. Since the iGrado body already has a grill, I pried off the KSC-75 grill, and dropped it in.


A little too much treble, I'll have to find some pristine pads to replace the poorly quartermodded iGrado pads.


In other news... I have 1 working iGrado driver... anyone selling one or want to buy one?

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Can you recable the Koss KSC75s with the igrado cable?  The KSC 75 cable is painfully bright on other IEMs

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iGrado cable is pretty much the worst cable ever made. They first broke 3 or 4 months in at the plug. I do have some really thick cable which I was rewiring with. RatShack 20' Headphone cables cut and spliced together. 

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Some pictures 





I think the Koss driver is more fragile than the Grado one, due to its textured shape. I've had to blow on my drivers a few times to get the wrinkles out.

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if you can put koss drivers into grado shell

can you put grado drivers into koss?

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No. I am not putting the only Koss drivers in... I am put essentially the entire Koss body without the pads or grills. So I think the Grado drivers would be too big for Koss body.

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