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For Sale: FS: Ultrasone PRO 750 Closed-Back

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS: Ultrasone PRO 750 Closed-Back

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Excellent condition, in box, with all original accessories (as is shown). The spare set of ear pads have never been used.


The reason I've decided to part with these is because I'm moved onto a more portable solution (DT 1350), and there's no use in letting these remain on the shelf. Simply put, the Ultrasone PRO 750, contrary to what's advertised by the manufacturer, are aimed at a fun and engaging sound. The overall signature is slightly v-shaped, with a slight emphasis on the bass (more mid-bass than sub-bass), the mids are slightly laid back, albeit vocals retain clarity through and through and the midrange is free from bass bleed (which initially took me by surprise, considering how powerful and authoritative their low end is), and the highs are quite smooth, yet not in the least bit subdued. They're certainly among the most fun sounding cans I've owned, and if the aforementioned sound signature is what one is after, they certainly don't disappoint.


Price includes shipping within the US, but the buyer is to cover the Paypal fees. I'm also willing to ship them internationally at buyer's expense.


PM me if interested. NO trades please. Thank you kindly. smile.gif

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I thought your we're done with headfi?
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Originally Posted by basketball View Post

I thought your we're done with headfi?


Still waiting for the K3003i (and ONLY the K3003i) to sell, after which I'll begin my slow walk on the plank. smile.gif

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How do these compare to the 900's?

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As per my own impressions, the 900's are more v-shaped, and I found the mids far too recessed for my liking, while the bass and treble boasts even more emphasis than the 750. For this very reason, I've personally always preferred these to my 900's, as I personally find it more suitable for vocals. jm2c. smile.gif

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Ok well thanks for your time.

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