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Sony MDR-NC7 mod

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Hey guys im new and not sure if this thread belongs here but ill go ahead and tell about my find.

So I have these cheap sony noise cancelling headphones that are close to worthless when it comes to audio quality. I decided to open them today and take a look at the internals. What I found was a large sponge covering the drivers.

I removed this sponge and also removed some tape on the back of the driver. This was a white rectangular piece of tape that opens up an airway into where the driver is. I reassembled the headphones and found an incredible increase of bass from my equalizer and a more neutral feeling without the equalizer.

If anyone else owns these headphones they should try it out and share their results.
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Thanks, that actually helped so much. Now the headphones are at least acceptable to listen to, still a waste of money imo. 

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