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Sony MDR-NC7 mod

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Hey guys im new and not sure if this thread belongs here but ill go ahead and tell about my find.

So I have these cheap sony noise cancelling headphones that are close to worthless when it comes to audio quality. I decided to open them today and take a look at the internals. What I found was a large sponge covering the drivers.

I removed this sponge and also removed some tape on the back of the driver. This was a white rectangular piece of tape that opens up an airway into where the driver is. I reassembled the headphones and found an incredible increase of bass from my equalizer and a more neutral feeling without the equalizer.

If anyone else owns these headphones they should try it out and share their results.
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Thanks, that actually helped so much. Now the headphones are at least acceptable to listen to, still a waste of money imo. 

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Wow, that makes quite a difference - I get the feeling that someone designed it and then realised the small speaker or whatever in front of the thing juts out in a painful way, and at that point there was too much invested to do anything but slap a piece of felt over it and call it a day. My Koss UR-50's died recently and I finally got around to trying to fix them today, and had no luck (suspect the speaker itself died), and I'm broke so replacements are out of the question - I had these, donated by a family member, and was disappointed by the sound. This helps make them bearable. I have to say, I'm curious whether it would be possible to, and if so whether it would be beneficial at all, to rewire them so as to skip the circuitry, if one were not interested in the noise-cancelling. I could certainly manage it, but I'm not willing to risk my only set of phones to find out for myself, haha. Either way, definitely a major improvement in the sound - they're still bad, but they are at least "better than my laptop speakers" and "actually have something you could call bass", and that's all I can afford to need right now, haha.

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