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How good is the Denon AHD-750?

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How good is the Denon AHD-750? better than gradoSR80?
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I received a pair of Denon 950's today, and assume they are similar to the 750's.

It's difficult to say which of the two ( Grado 80's vs. Denon750's ) are "better" because the Grado is open while the Denon is closed. Some people like/need one type over the other.

I've only listened briefly to the Denons, but my first impression tells me they are more efficient than my Grado 325's. Surprisingly, the Denons are even more efficient than the Sony V6's as well.

The Denons have a nice, smooth midrange. They offer a LOT of bass information. It goes deep, but seems to have a boominess to it as well on some music. If you like lots of bass, you'll like the Denons.

One thing about the Denons is that they are hot to wear. The pleather pads and headband padding makes me sweat in minutes. (That could be a problem in Brazil.) The Grado's are better in this regard.

Both are good phones.
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mbriant,do they image as good as grado?
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First let me reiterate...I'm talking about the Denon 950 and Grado 325....I've heard most of the Grado lineup and also the Denon 550, but not the Grado 80 nor Denon 750.

But as a general answer to your question....I generally prefer the soundstage open phones like the Grado's provide. Closed phones do sound "closed in" to me.

If sound leakage is a factor in your purchase, obviously the Denons would be a better choice.
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Those Denons, however, will be mediocre at isolation from outside noises - they are semi-open, not fully closed.
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I'd read that before, but having just received the 950's, I've found them to isolate quite a bit. I'm on call a lot for work, and often sit at my computer with either Grados or Senns on and the phone only a couple of feet away. I have no problem hearing the phone when it rings.

With the Denons, I missed two calls before I realized what was happening. When I play the Denons and cover the drivers with my hands (instead of my ears) the leakage is minimal. Nothing like the Grados.
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I believe the "mediocre" isolation of the Denons was in comparison to the Sony V6's. I too can hear anything around me with open Sennheisers or AKG's on, where I wouldn't hear any of that with a cheap pair of closed headphones (Optimus Nova-71) from Radio Shack.
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I think what is very important to Ded is directional A3D imaging for computer games....which Grado's aren't good at. Someone NEEDS to do a test to answer the question, "Which is best for A3D computer games, the Denon AHD-750, or the Sony MDR-V6?"

Heck, maybe we could try and throw the Denon AHD-950, the Sennheiser HD-495, the Sennheiser HD25SP, and the Beyerdynamic DT250-80 into the test, too, to see which is best.

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Gluegun,you're right about that review.There shoud be a point of reference to answering our questions.Wonder if someone is already writing one right now...
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