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If someone actually needs a status, I award the user "jlejle"! :p

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Originally Posted by hekeli View Post

Too long since I did this so forgot things already...


I believe it simply means you need to use a PRIR to play back the pink noise. So first you must create a PRIR with the speakers you want to do manual EQ with. Which makes sense when you think about it - otherwise the pink noise doesn't sound like it's coming from the speakers/room. We want to match the real and virtual sound output. After this you can use the HPEQ independently.


Yeah thinking about it, it absolutely makes sense with the speaker PRIR. Only this way it can create a neutral manual HPEQ for the headphones... that was the part I was thinking about. How could the HPEQ be neutral with using the speakers which are not 100% flat? But making a PRIR for the measurements speakers equalizes that part because the Realiser then knows through the PRIR "how" the speakers change the frequencies.


Great :-) Thank you all helping me understanding the manual routine!

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Greetings All!


Just uploaded a new KEF LS50 PRIR to Dropbox\Smyth Realiser PRIR\jazzfan\Home - KEF LS50 with JLAudio f113. The measured system consist of a pair of KEF LS50 mains augmented with an JL Audio Fathom f113 sub. For the moment, I've only generated a 2.0 measurement (with a virtual center channel). I'll create other multi-channel PRIRs as time permits. The LS50 is a wonderful speaker with much to like. However, I found it to be a bit lacking in "air" when compared to the Mini Maggie. In my room, the LS50 top end begins to gradually roll off starting at 5k and is down approximately -8 or -9 dB at 20k, whereas the high frequency response of my Mini Maggie is flatter and more extended all the way out to 20K. Of course, as with all things audio, YMMV.


I hope some of you have a chance to try the new PRIR. To those who do try it, I welcome you to come back and share your impressions (good or bad).

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