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^ Uploaded a quick 5.1 test.. all channels were crossed with the sub so they are really full range.


Nobody making PRIRs anymore? :D

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Hi !


After reading multiple reviews and articles, I ordered a Smyth Realiser myself. As a starting point, I made a HPEQ file for my Sennheiser HD-800 and compared several PRIR files from the dropbox folder. First of all: THANKS to all of you for sharing these files - really great to try them out !


It's very impressive, especially how huge the difference is even between files measured at a same location (eg: all AIX B&W files). No wonder Smyth gives the strong advice to create an own PRIR. After hearing how big the different PRIR files sound (due to our different head and ear shapes), it's quite easy to understand why a Dolby headphone (or any other 'generalized' algorithm) can't work for everybody - impossible.


I've made a first measurement of my system and would like to contribute this PRIR. I asked silverlight by PM to invite me to the dropbox list.


My system: Focal JMlab Nova Utopia Be speakers as L/R (http://www.stereophile.com/floorloudspeakers/604focal), an Utopia Be center speaker and four small side and rear speakers connected to some McIntosh Amps. There are no special room acoustic treatments (since it's our living room).


I did not want to do the cabling for all channels to all amplifiers initially and used the 'multiply speaker' method (LR / LsRs / LbRb) to create a "JMlab Nova 7.0" virtual speaker system - and was simply BLOWN AWAY by the Smyth Realisers performance ! My PRIR file sounds BETTER than my real system (at least for me with the Sennheiser HD-800 and a personal HPEQ; it's due to inferiority of my center and rear/back speakers compared to the big Nova front speakers). After hearing this, I simply cancelled my initial plan to do the cabling for all the channels later on - since I'm able to have a virtual system based on 7 Nova's !!!  COOL :-)). One has to hear that to believe it !




When I get access to dropbox, I will start to share my PRIR's (if measuring and time will allow). Maybe someone likes my files (will depend on your head/ear shape).


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Awesome man ;). As a guy that aspires to have a Realiser some day, it's good to see it still has the same jaw-dropping effect on people, and that there are still some members interested in exchanging PRIR info. Congratulations on the new gear :beerchug:

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I wanted to thank everyone who posted here. It has been an interesting and informative read.


I realised the Realiser isn't for me, no matter how good it can sound, as the time investment and learning curve are substantial in obtaining a PRIR that will work optimally - utilising other people's PRIR's sound very hit and miss, although an interesting exercise.


This is especially so when in Australia we have no dealer support (or distributor).


Thanks again.


Best Wishes


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Yes this is the bad side of this marvalous tool. It. takes time and patience to get the best results out of it.
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