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For Sale: Spider Realvoice IEM

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For Sale:
Spider Realvoice IEM

Will Ship To: Anywhere

The RealVoice IEMs have long been one of my favorite IEMs.  Aside from the fact the phone/audio controls work flawlessly, they possess a wonderfully natural, smooth, dynamic sound.  There's a reason these have remained in my collection while other (seemingly more competent) IEMs came & went.. they possess excellent control & have measured impressively well (see the InnerFidelity review.. they're one of Tyll's favorite/recommended IEMs in their price range).


I'm selling them cause I'm curious to see what else is out there as far as IEMs with phone/audio controls.  These remain one of my favorite IEMs but curiosity is getting the better of me (and my wallet).


My Realvoice IEM is in MINT condition & comes will all original accessories (tips, shirt clip, and clamshell case) which are also in mint condition.


-price includes shipping (worldwide)

-PayPal (as gift)

-No trades

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Pix added.

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Price drop..

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