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JDS CmoyBB with Westone UM2 worth it?

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Hi, I recently got a pair of UM2 and love them. so far I have only been using them through my iPhone 4 and MacBook Pro without any amp nor DAC. They are definitely a step-up from the Q-Jays, or at least they seem to sound better. I haven't been able to compare them because I lost my Q-Jays before getting the UM2's.


Anyways, these have an impedance of 27 ohms and was wondering if it would be wroth getting one of these amps. They have plenty of volume with my iPhone so thath's not what I am looking for. I would like to know if the CmoyBB would improve the quality using these earphones.


I did a search and did not find anybody who mentioned how the UM2's work with the CmoyBB so if you know of a thread, let me know.



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It's been a long time since I had the UM2, so I can't really comment on them amped but I do own the UM3X and I can say that they sound extremely pleasing from my iphone 4 and nano 6g.  Amping is not a necessity.  However I do enjoy them in combination with my O2 and it squeezes an extra 10% or so of sound quality out of them.  Basically it clears up a little midrange congestion in the apple daps.  Everything seems crisper, punchier.  


I'm not sure how much, if any improvement you'll hear with the cmoyBB, unless you are craving even more bass than what the UM2 already provides.  I'd say be happy with your purchase and enjoy on an already very good source with the iphone 4.

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Hi shotgunshane,


thanks for the response! Yes, I am really enjoying the UM2 straight from my iPhone 4 with the comply tips. I have never had a headphone amp, other than the Carl Martin Rock Bug, but that's an interface for playing guitar with headphones. So I don't really have experience with a real headphone amp and that's why I wanted to ask here before getting a CmoyBB.

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You certainly do not need an amp to drive the UM2 to their potential with an iPhone.

That said, no CMoy I've heard was blacker sounding with the UM2 and other phones than an iPhone 4. There was always more noise with CMoy than without. Some of the FiiOs have less noise with IEMs than the CMoys I've tried. I've yet to try the JDS CmoyBB though.

So if you want an amp just because you want an amp, regardless if needed or not biggrin.gif I suggest to buy Fiio E17 or, if you are on a budget, Fiio E6.
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