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These headphones would probably be amazing for gaming on once modded. They work good now but now that i think i understand more of what i'm hearing i'm trying to listen to it and its making it worse lol


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I had only suggested the denon's because they are such low impedance that they are driven easily with most amps associate with dolby surround processing.  

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so i will post some pictures in a minute but i have been spending most of the day gathering materials and doing the modding to the D2000.  I can't turn these headphones off!  I need to get off soon though because my desk area is mess right now lol.  

One thing i was worried about with these headphones was that if the mods fixed most of my problems, it still wouldn't help the slightly off timbre ,overall tonality.  It has though. Maybe not the best but way better. That echo is gone and cleared up a lot too. This is a completely different headphone.    The bass is no longer interfering with the mids.  Didn't realize what a mess they were.  I mean i knew they were bad but until it cleared up i didn't realize how bad. The bass now how its own spot and is tighter.  That's also partly to do with the noticeably larger sound stage.  Instruments no longer sound constrained but  still keep that nice black room that closed headphones offer.  The highs could still be better IMO.  Not bad though.   Really no more echo in the voices but i still feel like the high mids are a little fatiguing (maybe it's because they isolate better and more sound is being pushed into your ears and not leaking lol.)

The mids still sound a little recessed and now a little more hollow now they don't have as much acoustic resonance to fill them in. 

One thing that shows these headphones are better is that because the tonality is a little better, larger soundstage and because of less echo you pick up a little better details, the headphone doesn't blend the nastiness that is mp3 as well as it use to.

I would like to hear this headphone out of a tube amp now.


Cons about this headphone in general:

Sibilant ,.......very sibilant sometimes.  not all the time.

Mids are recessed



I do like the effect that closed headphones give. More so now that this headphone has opened up.

Should be good for gaming


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I use Astro mix amp and pc360. I have no regrets. This is on ps3 and xbox 360

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