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Ski on neon is one that keeps my attention. I Quickly get bored of phone games
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A company to consider for iphone games, assuming you like management sims, is Kairosoft.  The graphics are not at all impressive, being on par with SNES, but I've more than a few times while playing realized it was a couple hours later than expected.  They're rather easy to learn as well.

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Got Rock Band, GTA, Dead Space and Norm's Big Escape on my iPhone regular_smile%20.gif

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Guys you should try Solomon's Keep and Solomon's Boneyard. It is very addicting and very enjoying to play and it's free bigsmile_face.gif

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If you liked all the mentioned games, you should definitely check out this new iPhone dice game, 333's.



333’s is the evolution of dice games personified—better graphics, more realistic gameplay, an innovative scoring system, and ultimately, the most fun, new dice game in the app store. Most importantly, it can appeal to a broad range of digital gaming enthusiasts improving the chances for widespread adoption.


Feel free to check out the game in the following video:



You can also download 333’s from https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/333s/id628531931?mt=8.


For just $0.99, users can play this highly addictive game that gives them a chance to test both their strategy skills and luck!

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There's a game on iPhone that allows you to build your own plague. Its pretty addicting and tricky but it really makes a great way to pass the time if you spend a lot of time on buses and trains.

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Has anyone played The Plague game? You basically come up with your own plague and try to kill off the population? Pretty sure it is rigged as I have killed off the population numerous times, but have never won a single game. Still, this game is so addicting.

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^ I'll have to try that one out, sounds interesting. Only other iphone games I've found addicting was Plants v Zombies and The walking dead by Telltale Games

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My personal favorite is Kingdom Rush.

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I play bookworm, scrabble and temple run
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i think my list would be:


1.Run Crab Run

2.Star Commander

3.Game Dev Story

4.Subway Surfer


Enjoy :)

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With the release of 400 days recently I decided to play Season 1 of TWD and re-fell in love, aka new favorite game
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Ascension, SpellTower and Pinball Arcade are the only games I still continue to play.

Ghost Trick is a must buy. Dungeon Raid is pretty good.
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I'm onto rhythm games. The games that caught my attention are:


Reflec Beat



And also Phoenix Wright Trilogy for the comedy.

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Scurvy Scallywags

Ticket to Ride


Plants Vs Zombies


I know some of these have been around for a while, but I still pop them out to play on occasion.

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