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I like buying cheap random stuff and I have a bunch of places I go to. I'd like to know if anyone know of any good forums that have at least a decent FS/FT subforum. These are a list of the forums I know and often buy from:


  1. Head-Fi(xD)
  2. Hardforum
  3. Soompi
  4. Anandtech
  5. XDA
  6. FredMiranda
  7. Photography-on-the-net
  8. thephotoforum


I guess what really stands out from the list is Soompi where there's a lot of random accessories and clothes and other things and I'd like to know if you guys know any big thriving forums that often have good deals. I'm looking for one that sells video games, cellphones(besides xda), and other things. I hope nobody would say CL and eBay and troll -_-;;