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What are you waiting to listen too?

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Thought I would start a thread seeing what people have on order or in pre-order status.


Releasing May 22nd




Sonny Landreth - Elemental Journey


tedeschi trucks live.jpg


Tedeschi Trucks Band - Live: Everbodys Talkin (2 CD set)


Releasing June 5th




Joe Bonamassa - Driving Toward The Daylight


joe walsh.jpg


Joe Walsh - Analog Man

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The new Sigur Ros

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Originally Posted by dziendobry View Post

The new Sigur Ros


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That's Why God Made the Radio

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Little Feat - Rooster Rag

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Not pre-orderable yet, but Tegan and Sara have just recorded a new album, and Kaki King has started recording a new one, as well as the kickstarter funded albums by Five Iron Frenzy and Amanda Palmer

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The new Magnum album, "On The Thirteenth Day".  September is a long way off at this point!

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Gotta get that indie on. There's a lot of good stuff coming out later in the summer. Off the top of my head, I know Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projectors and Dan Deacon all have albums due. Probably more too.


I got the new Sigur Ros a few weeks ago but didn't give it a full listen. Anyone have thoughts? I heard it was kind of the same as older stuff.

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The new album Bob Dylan is recording.

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Image of Diana Krall


Diana Krall - Glad Rag Doll, to be released September 25th.

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Anything from Adele

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Alanis Morissette - "Havoc & Bright Lights" - due around August


Mumford & Sons second studio album - should be 3rd or 4th quarter 2012

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