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*NEW* PS Audio PerfectWave P3 Power Plant


$2495 PLUS free shipping in the U.S.


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now thru June 30th on qualifying PS Audio products that you already own!!! 


It is the smallest and  MOST Affordable Power Plant yet by PS Audio.





Bring back the magic locked away in your system

and have it sound just as great day or night with a P3 Power Plant.
The smallest and most affordable of our personal power generating stations, the P3 produces pure, protected AC capable of powering any size high-end system. This state-of-the-art power center offers fully regenerated power for all sources and smaller power amplifiers along with a high current filtered output that can drive even the largest power amplifiers made.
The P3 Power Plant is our most affordable full function Power Plant yet. With 3 separate regenerated zones and a 4th, high current filtered zone, the P3 can handle any size system you want to power. From the biggest power amplifiers to the smallest pieces of source equipment, this combination of regenerated AC coupled with a high current unrestricted filtered zone will work magic on your system’s performance.
The P3′s AC regenerator takes the power you’re given from the utility, converts it to DC and then regenerates brand new and perfect power once again for up to 750 watts of pure AC – enough to power small to medium sized systems including the power amplifier, or everything in your audio chain that provides the all important control and source material. You can then plug bigger amps or subwoofers into the P3′s high-current filtered and protected zone for up to 1750 watts of clean power.
While the P3 does not feature a touch screen it does have the exact same feature set as the P5 and P10 using its built in web access portal.



Thank You.

Drew Baird, P.E. 
Moon Audio 
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