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For Sale: Lorenz Stuttgart PCC88

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Lorenz Stuttgart PCC88

Will Ship To: Australia

I've sold my Lyr, so I no longer have use for these tubes. These were purchased from tubemonger when the Stuttgarts were all the rage and still available in small quantities (around September last year). They only have about a hundred hours on them, as I mainly alternated between Amperex Bugles and Orange Globes. The brown Lorenz label and Made in Germany are faint but readable.


Aussie Head-Fiers get priority, as I'd prefer not to post overseas at this stage. Good feedback will weigh on who I sell these to as well.


Payment via PayPal, with buyer paying for fees and postage. PM me if you're interested.


edit: SOLD

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You got PM 

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LOL. I've been flooded with PMs for these. Sorry for not replying individually but I want to keep the sale in Australia for now. If there's no interest from Aussie members with good feedback over the weekend, I'll PM the next suitable overseas member (again good feedback is a must).

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