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WTB: Bottlehead Crack

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am looking for a Bottlehead Crack.  I want one like this with these upgrades:


The amplifier (in kit form) retails for $279, and one can be assembled at an additional $150. The speedball option is a constant current source upgrade that goes for $125. Comes with CMC swiss copper rca jacks ($28), an alps blue potentiometer ($18), custom volume control knob ($12), and bottlehead badge ($6.. not attached yet). The amplifier shipped with an Electro-Harmonix 12au7 and a United 6080. It sounded wonderful with this tube compliment, but wanting to see what a quality NOS driver tube could for the setup, I purchase a premium Tung-Sol 5998 ($80) from tubeworld. This has taken the amp to an entirely new level sounding absolutely stunning with the direct-coupled 5998. Package includes powercord and a bottlehead badge as well