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For Sale: FS: Cowon J3 64GB + Case & Accessories

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS: Cowon J3 64GB + Case & Accessories

Will Ship To: CONUS

Cowon J3 32GB (Black) + Sandisk 32GB MicroSD + Rearth Ringke J3 Case (Black) + Line-In cable, AV Composite out cable, & Wall Adapter.


All in good condition. No trades please.

Shipping is not included.

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no pics and no buy/sell feedback ?


sorry , but this won't help you sell it easily :-(


great price though

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I'll add pics. Can't do anything about the lack of feedback. 

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Show me some pics

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Sigh... I wish this guy would answer his PMs more frequently :(

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Looks great. how muct to send to HK? as cheap as possible?


Many Thanks



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Hey, is this still available and would you ship to AUS?

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Hey there,

I'm not sure how active you are but I'm also interested in this bundle.

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BUmp. Please respond to PM's and with pictures posted here, preferable with your name and the date next to it (Written on paper you place next to item when you take the picture.)

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Just to clarify, the J3 is still available. I apologize for not answering my PM's, I just started my Freshman year of college and have been staying off Head-Fi for study reasons.


I just bumped the price up by $25 and decided that shipping is not included in the price because of increased interest in the J3 since its discontinuation.


The product has been sitting in a safe unused for a couple months. I tested it out, tried to run down the battery by leaving it playing music into my headphones all day while I was gone, it still works like a charm.


PM me if you'd like to work something out.

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 am interested in the Cowon j3 thanks

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