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Quite a long title, but I guess we'll manage smily_headphones1.gif.

I'm looking for a new pair of IEMs after my good old Sennheiser CX300II Broke...

After so much time of online reviewing, I have the following list:


1. Xears Bullet XB120Pro    (~40$)

2. SoundMAGIC PL50          (~55$)

3. Maximo iM-590                  (~60$)

4. Radius Atomic Bass 2      (~44$)

5. BrainWavz M1                    (~44$)

6. BrainWavz ProAlpha         (~44$)


I already read (almost) all of the Big IEM review post (the 237 one), and I was left with completely no decision...

I'm not really willing to go past the 60$ barrier, so if you have any better recommendations other than the ones listed I'll be thankful too!


I'm mostly listening to: Rock, Alternative, Indie, some Pop and Classic (all over the map, I know...)


A huge thanks in advance,



* the Maximo ones are only considered because of their iPhone controller capabilities, please bare that in mind.

* the Radius ones are considered because I was, long time ago, happy with the Atomic Bass 1 model (long ago!).