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For Sale: Selling V-moda M80

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For Sale:
Selling V-moda M80

Will Ship To: Anywhere



i am selling my V-moda M80. Bought it 4 months ago.

It's in great condition as you see in the pictures. I do prefer to listen to my Dt1350 though, that's why i have no use them anymore.

I am also interested in trades. Your offer should be atleast equally valueable. Ofc i woud give some extra cash for some higher value products.

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Are you interested to hifiman re 262?

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Hi! Do u still have that pair of headphones?

I have my Grado 80i. It is amazing sounding. U can check all the reviews. It's kinda too big for my ears, that's why I'm looking for a smaller ones. Please tell me if u r still interested. I just bought the grad pair a few months ago. Still in perfect condition





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Its sold, sorry.

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