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Completely forgot I made this thread. I'm no audiophile I just like decent sound. I got the Mixrs and they're perfect for my use, haven't looked back since. I respect your opinions about better sound being avaliable for cheaper though, thanks for all the answers!

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Me too I dunno

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Dead thread, stawhp necroposting plox. 

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The studios are are a lot more clear, and the bass is more heavy. Thus the mixrs do not require batteries but the downfall to the mixrs are they're uncomfortable
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well, beats is not so welcome  in such hifi forum, I think...

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Look I'm a beats fan and i can tell you that I have Beats Pro, Beats Mixr, Beats Studio, Beats Tour, Beats solo HD every one sounds very very good but Every one has their, Pro s are so heavy sometimes and you can do so much things, Mixr sounds uff for something Guetta created (anyway) but is just anthoer Pro's just a little bit smallest, studio I saw that no body said but what happen if those don't have the batteries it sounds really low and i don't like that and imagine if you are in the rain their are unsafely, Tour are good even of their size are a good option for go to run or just walk, Beats SoloHD are not so good was my first beats and in one month their blow and sounds very bad I just listen it when I go to the school because somebody stole me one's (no beats) and Solo are very small and don' cover at all your ear 

Fine those are my opinion about every beats and I'm sorry because how I write but I'm from mexico and I don't know english at 100% sorry jejeje my idea for you is to buy Pro if you want it for just listen in studio but if you want it to listen everywhere buy MIXR are you perfect opcion good luck 

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Notice: not a single reason for wanting Beats by Dre.

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I'm having the same problem of choice. Look, all the guys that don't suggest beats, ppl want them because they are well known in the celebrity world like for example Michael phelps but I rate both headphones r equally good in sound but looks I dunno help plz!!
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I came from Beats and won't go back. LOL

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Holy crap the stuidios are horrid, the mixrs are quit enjoyable though, similar sound to v-moda m80s

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 I have both Mixrs and Studios and it depends on your application. 


For iPhone/iPod/smartphone listening Studios have a warmer sound but have horrible sound leakage. Mixrs have a lot of sub bass around 100hz and lower rolled off, so kick drums and bass have a lot of clarity. Also snares/backbeat frequencies around 800hz to 1.5khz appear to be emphasized, so the Mixrs are perfect for a DJ. 



Mixr's are louder than Studios, in fact, the Mixrs are the loudest headphones I've ever put on my head. This can be very dangerous for prolonged listening. Mixrs have more high end than the Studios and can get quite harsh at max volume. 


 The Studios have a much smoother and pleasant high end than the Mixrs with better separation, but they can sound a bit muddy when directly compared. 

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Celebrity endorsed headphones have a bad reputation, mainly because they're over-priced... Beats by Dre is a prime example for this. Based on the Studio's sound quality, it should have an associated price of about $120 - $140, but legit/unfake Studio Beats retail for $300.... Don't get me wrong, the Studio's offer "good" sound quality, I had the pleasure to do a demo of perfectly broken in Studio's at Best Buy and they sounded good. But for $300? No way.... I'll hand it to Monster though, the cosmetic design is attractive if anything. But I can't EVER bring myself to buying a pair of Studio's because I know I'll be ripping myself off. If anyone absolutely MUST buy celebrity headphones, I'd recommend the Skullcandy Aviators or the Skullcandy Mix Masters. Both offer great sound quality, especially the Mix Masters. InnerFidelity actually REALLY liked the Mix Masters, he gave the sound quality good merits. The Aviators go for $150, and the Mix Masters for $300. But you can probably find a pair of Mix Masters online for about $250. All of which are virtually cheaper than Beats Studio's. I actually owned a pair of Aviators, they were my first "real" pair of headphones that had actually pleasurable sound quality. Well worth $150. I bought mine before they incorporated "Supreme Sound" though, so they might sound different now days. After I get my pair of Audio Technica ATH-A900X's this Friday, I'll probably never invest in "celebrity" headphones ever again.

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All of which are virtually cheaper than Beats Studio's.


Virtually cheaper?

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Virtually cheaper?

I meant that the street price of both the Aviators and Mix Masters will be cheaper than Beats Studio.

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