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tough, tougher, the toughest

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Hi everyone!


I`m turning to You in a moment of a need. I am not a DJ and I don`t do anything related to working with sound as such. Nevertheless I do like to listen to music, and quite a lot. The way I live involves a lot of activities and being out there and music is an aspect I like to bring along with myself. So can You please suggest me something that is built to last? I am sick of having to change my earphones/headphones every couple of months, I`m fed up with cords that snap and headbands that break in half. I need something that I can use and abuse and the moment I`ll need them I can be sure they will be there and ready to serve. I do not care for the sound quality I just want to find headphone equivalent of nokia 3310.


Thank you in advance 

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How about IEMs.

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How about Sennheiser HD25?

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IEMs is a no go. This may sound weird but I have strange ears, I have never ever found IEMs that hold in, even more not a single pair of earphones hold in. I`ve tried countless sony, philips, aiwa, acme, apple`s, skull candies, I`ve even gone oldschool with foam on them and still nothing, as soon as I shake my my head a little, all ot them pop out immeadiately.  

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It's not weird. I'm the same way. I bought an expensive set of IEM's many years ago. Couldn't ever get comfortable with them. They sat in a desk drawer for years and I finally gave them to my dad and he loves them. Not for me though.


H25's are a good choice.

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Woooooo +1 for the Sennheiser HD25. Expect that to survive 10 years (doesn't include cable or pads which naturally need replacing eventually) if you don't abuse the heck out of it.

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Similarly to the above notion, the Beyerdynamic DT1350 is built like a tank as well.

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I don't own them but aren't the Sony MDR-V6/7506 supposed to be pretty durable? Or perhaps something like the ATH-PRO700Mk2

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The V-Moda M80 is built and tested for durability.  They use steel in pretty much every part of their construction and the cords are kelvar reinforced.  The cords are and the earpads are both detachable and easily replaced.  If durability is your prime requirement, you should definitely give them a look.

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