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Magico's have always excited me. When they mix in wood with the aluminum, they are right there with Sonus Faber for me.

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wow, the guy was asking for the best looking speakers, yet many of the photos posted are just weird and/or fugly!

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Back to best looking, another vote for Sonus Faber.


I still own and love their very first model, Electa, but the ones I've always lusted after (in the small speaker category) are the Guarneri - in any of their 3 editions. No photo I've ever seen, including the one below, does them justice. NOBODY does a better wood finish.


Image Detail


A big factor in their aesthetics, hard to see in the photo, are the "violin strings" in the front grills and all the way round the stands.

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i personally prefer the simple beaty of a wooden box.  stained and lacquered to a beautiful shine, with the natural grain showing through.


but, in the "ipod" age, this Blade by KEF, it seems, is pretty exemplary of the "new style".

piano black and gloss white are all the rage in 2012.  rolleyes.gif





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Triangle Magellan Cello.  Nothing outrageous design wise but very pretty in the flesh.



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Sonus Faber Aida.



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whoa, that's ugly stuff!  this thread is entitled 'best looking spkrs?',  not 'worst looking spkrs'. perhaps it's all just in the eye of the beholder....

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I hope that's the case. 

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In a sort of different vein, these Sony Electrostats.

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I just want to search the pic of these speakers when I see this thread. biggrin.gif

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High end Focals are good, love the hand crank on the back just in case your electricity fails :)

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