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For Sale: Vsonic gr07 with bonus tips

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For Sale:
Vsonic gr07 with bonus tips

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for sale are my beloved gr07s. I am the second owner. Even as I type this Im not sure if Im making the right decision to sell them. These are the older version, which some say has a better sound than the newer revisions. They come with all original accessories which include tips, ear guides, clam shell carrying case, and the larger Vsonic box. These IEMs have started to turn green in certain parts of the cable. Read this thread http://www.head-fi.org/t/558796/my-gr07s-cable-is-turning-green to get a better idea. Apparently, the issue is because of the silver in the gr07s. This is only a cosmetic issue and does not affect performance; they work flawlessly.



Part of getting the best sound from the gr07s is finding the right tips. Ill help you in this process so you can enjoy the gr07s as soon as possible. I will provide Jay tips (S/M/L), a set of large Meelec triple flange tips, as well as imitation Sony hybrid tips (S/M). All tips will be unused except the large Jays. My preference so far has been the Jays, then the Meelec, then the large stock single flange. Im sure one of the tips will work for you. I purchased these tips separately but will include them in the price.


If youre interested PM me! Paypal gifted please, or you cover fees. Thanks!

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Why would you sell them?

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I'm guessing not but are these still for sale?

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Sorry sold.

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