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Repairing an Audio Technica ATH-M50 jack

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A few months ago I managed to bend my 3.5 mm jack nearly 90 degrees from where it's supposed to be (I was lucky it didn't snap off entirely). I bent it back to its original position which mostly fixed the issue although I've occasionally had sound cut out of either my left or right channel. When I fiddle around enough I can get the same sound I had when I bought the headphones, but I'd rather get the jack repaired as it seems like it would be relatively easy to fix & sometimes the sound being cut out can be relatively subtle. I don't have any soldering experience but I think sending the headphones back to Audio Technica's repair center would be unnecessarily costly for what appears to be an issue with just the plug itself. What should I do? Is it possible I may have damaged something other than the jack itself? Would I be able to find a replacement plug?



You can see the small crack where my jack bent below.



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Soldering is easy enough, and you can just reterminate the cable with another plug.
This would work.

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Cut the jack off so that you can strip both wires. You need to strip both so that you can tell which wire goes to tip, ring, and sleeve, and match those to the new plug you get. Pick an appropriate plug at radioshack or whatever. Slide on the screw-on part, then the strain relief, then the heat-shrink. Look up some guides on mil-spec solder connectections and find out the proper way to solder to the type of terminal that your headphone jack has. Solder everything up, crimp the headphone cable into the headphone terminal to keep it in place and apply heat-shrink. then slide the screw-on part screw it on and you're done. Pretty soon i'll be making a very detailed guide on this, including how to get enamel off of a wire. Stay tuned.
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hey Shrimants, any chance you have that guide ready yet?  The same thing happened to my headphones and I would love to try to fix it on my own.

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Any update on this yet?

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Yeah did you ever end up fixing it? Did you find a stock plug, or did you just buy one from Radioshack? Im trying to find one that screws into my 1/4" adapter that comes with the headphones
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