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For Sale: IC: PS1000

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For Sale:
IC: PS1000

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I keep going back and forth about this, but I might be interested in selling my PS1000. I am the first and only owner. My first pair sounded off, so I sent them in to Grado. They replaced them with a brand new pair, so I'm assuming they fully checked out the new pair before they sent them off and this is definitely how they're supposed to sound.


They are the newer shiny version, and in factory condition. There are these super tiny micro scratches in the polish finish, presumably from their buffing pad. This is how they came to me. You can't see them unless you look really close with high light at just the right angle. I'll snap some pics and try to capture this later.


This pair has about 100 hours on it. I've also probably got a spare beyer cushion for the headband laying around that I can include if the buyer wishes.


This is an IC for now, but I'd be looking for somewhere around 1300 or best offer. International buyers are welcome... I know Grados are significantly marked up over there.

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Coming in a day or two!

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