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nice post swaffleman


so the new product did perfected by sennheiser a bit ,not purely cosmetics change.

So i wonder how 219 229's sound compared to famous HD202? thx in advance

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Just want to back up Swaffleman's assessment of these phones. They are a great buy at $30.

Super efficient so they work with your cellphone ipad etc. And the frequency response is quite detailed

and pleasing. Here's a link to a chart comparing these to the Sony MDR V6:[]=3681&graphID[]=1513

Pretty comparable. I do not notice that ~7DB bump at 100HZ. The bass is very controlled but

can come on when needed. Bass is not boomy. Very detailed and tight. Treble is good to my ears

but I suspect they are a bit bright even sibilant for some. I like hearing the hiss of recordings and

the imperfections in vocals FWIW.


my .02



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Sennheiser HD219 vs Jvc ha-s400??

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