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nice post swaffleman


so the new product did perfected by sennheiser a bit ,not purely cosmetics change.

So i wonder how 219 229's sound compared to famous HD202? thx in advance

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Just want to back up Swaffleman's assessment of these phones. They are a great buy at $30.

Super efficient so they work with your cellphone ipad etc. And the frequency response is quite detailed

and pleasing. Here's a link to a chart comparing these to the Sony MDR V6:[]=3681&graphID[]=1513

Pretty comparable. I do not notice that ~7DB bump at 100HZ. The bass is very controlled but

can come on when needed. Bass is not boomy. Very detailed and tight. Treble is good to my ears

but I suspect they are a bit bright even sibilant for some. I like hearing the hiss of recordings and

the imperfections in vocals FWIW.


my .02



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Sennheiser HD219 vs Jvc ha-s400??

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These have come down in price quite a bit and can be had fairly cheap at most places. I got one for 14.99 new on a woot deal. Anywho, even at $60 these are good. OP did a good job describing the sound in his first post so I'll just add that anyone who is curious about these should not hesitate IMO. Extremely easy to listen to and are very airy and detailed and I don't find them siblent at all.

Like them better than Portapro, UE 4000, and PX100-ii fwiw and those are all decent cans IMO
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I have Alcatel one touch smart phone.I want to buy Sennheiser HD 219 headphones but are theese compatibile with Alcatel smartphones?
Im asking for help

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Hate to blast this one from the past. But I would love to know, and I have been searching everywhere for a while but NO EVER compared the sound of the HD219 to the HD229. or Even the HD228 to the HD218! (The headphones article was kinda vague in my opinion)


If anyone has two of any, or had the chance to hear both, please share your thoughts.  Are there any minor/major differences between sounds on any of those cans?


We obviously know that HD218/228 have more bass than their successor the HD219/HD229. So i am less interested in comparing predecessor vs successor, and more interested in comparing 218 vs 228, or 219 vs 229. 


Thanks everyone!

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I have 219 and 229, I mean they're pretty similar in sound and technical ability, their differences is that the 229 has a touch less bass and a touch less treble, thus more neutral. The 219 aren't overly v shaped but the mids are recessed and the 229 pushes them forward a little. 219 sound airier and more detailed but also thinner and harsher, 229 are warmer fuller and more relaxing.
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