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Looking for In ear headphones and portable headphone amp for SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE advise pls

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Hello Mates,


Thank's for your time,need u advise and suggestion for me.Planning to purchase in ear headphones to use with my Galalxy note which can deliver high bass.Budget around 250 pounds.


And a portable headphone amp so that i can carry with the phone.Which can support FLAC files too.


Quite confused about the compatability,as i read few articles saying some headphones or compatible only with Iphone.And my own experience with sennheiser cx-300 II which sounds great with Dell inspiron 6400 and Nokia N-900 and really really less volume and awfull with Asus g74sx(Although the bundled headphone STEELSERIES sounds awesome) and samsung Galaxy note.Even the bundled samsung headphone sounds quite good and loud.


Already tried the apps like powerAmp and voodoo it helps good too.But  i like to have good quality IE phones.Any idea why certain phones only sounds great with samsung note?






Thought of buying this but came across a article claming this model with copper version is only compatable for I phones.


Any advise much appreciated



Thought about sennheiser IE8 too,but worried about compatability, trying to find a store to try.


Any suggestion pls.

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Hi Arnold, i would imagine you are so rich that you can afford any earphone or headphone on the planet what with your illustrious acting career and having recently been governor of california and all.


All amps will play flac, amps do not decode flacs, this is a function of the player software and the internal dac of your Galaxy Note.


As for what is compatible, this is to do with the impedances of the headphone output and your earphones/headphones.


When you speak of compatibility and the iphone, are you talking about using the microphone or something else?


What genres of music do you plan on listening to on your note?

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Hello Someone thank you very much for your reply,wish to be Arnold..lol..!!


Read, filo e7 portable head phone amp doesn't suppport high bit rate  audio,so i ask like that.

Compatability-i got it what you are saying,(u r correct just read about  that i phone microphone)actually i was trying to say why most of the third party headphones not really sounds good with note.

Regarding music i listen mostly pop,prefer good bass.But not into rock or heavy metal.

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My advice, find a compatible headset adapter with built in mic, that way you can choose what headphones/earphones you use with your Note.


Are you sure you need an amp?

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Hello some1 thank you so much for your reply,sorry for delayed response.

Today i found that my steel series siebra  headset is 40ohms this sounds awesome with my phone.But 16ohms sennehieiser cx-300 sounds worst,same result with laptop-but with n900 it sounds fantastic-i know i already told this but without finding a answer iam going madddddd.


Bro,any place in London i can try IEM'S??

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I don't live in London so wouldn't know.  I bet there is nowhere in London you can try IEMs to be honest, think of the hygiene problems.


I should add some would argue nothing will sound good with the Galaxy Note due to the Yamaha DAC in use in that device, however, i use a Dell Streak, hardly known for having good sound quality, however, i think your main complaint is an impedance mismatch.


An amp will solve the impedance problem, as for anything else, does the Note have ICS yet?  Allegedly with ICS its possible to have a digital out so you could use a outboard DAC...

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You are correct,read an article about that yamaha dac-to day went to local HMV store and tried some,Bose,senneheiser,beats pro..not good at all with Note (even in flac files,the sound voluume also soo0  low even with PoweAmp) .Can't believe the 60 pound steel series cans sound amazing with Note-how how???? mystery???


Wrote to sennhesier regarding cx300-II awaitng for reply.


ICS not yet.


When using the poweramp and Dice media player with high volume i can hear noise tooo.


Very good phone except this issue.


Didn't tried vooodo sound app since its require root.


When ICS out,will try with my external musical fidelity v-dac and v-psu.


Till the mystery solved,best to use the bundled samsung IEM.!!!!!!!!!!

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Custom roms?  Or root your rom.

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