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For Sale:
FS: HifiMAN HE-5LE Headphones With Accessories ~~~~SOLD~~~~

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a pair of HE-5LE headphones for sale, in which I'm the 2nd owner.  I purchased these in late-January and the original owner had received them as replacements from HifiMAN.  So, essentially, there is little mileage on these and they are in excellent condition.


The features are as follows:


  • - HifiMAN box (faux leather, velour lined ... some small rubs here and there) and scrape noted on top as shown in the picture.


  • - Protein Leather Pads - excellent shape (new style with 4 black tabs for easy removal and installation).


  • - Velour Pads - Original style, new and in excellent shape (feature the older style of connecting to the headphones with the clear plastic tabs).


  • - Velour Pads - Newer style, brand new - just received from my HifiMAN order on Saturday morning.


  • - Velour Headphone or Accessory carrying sack (From the HE-400 line).


  • - HE-5LE headphones with no scratches or scrapes and an excellent leather head band.


  • - 8' (approximate) Canare cable with gold ends that connect to the headphone cups and has a 1/4" TRS termination on the other end.


These headphones were carefully used and maintained in my smoke-free house.


Price / Shipping:  My price for what I'm offering is $$SOLD$$.  This includes USPS Priority Mail with Insurance and Delivery confirmation within the United States.  International destinations will require a separate shipping cost calculation, but I'll apply $$SOLD$$ towards those costs for shipping.


At this time, I'm limiting this to a United States sale due to easier shipping options, insurance and tracking capabilities.  Thanks,


Edit #1: Added actual pictures of the HE-5LEs that I'm selling.  The marks on the headphones are actually lint from the cloth that I used to wipe the cups before taking the pictures.  However, the cups are nick and scrape free. The cups are a glossy / lacquer finish and may, at times, show some small swirl marks -- as that is the nature of how a highly polished lacquer will appear.


Edit #2: I'm opening this sale up for consideration to International sales.  To faciliate this, I'll apply a shipping credit of what it would take to ship these headphones to a U.S. destination towards the shipping costs to a foreign destination.  For example, if USPS Express mail shipping is utilitzed - with insurance, the costs can vary quite a bit.  But, I did check a basic rate to South Africa, and it came out to be approximately $$SOLD$$.  Using Express mail also meant the package would arrive at its destination within 3 to 5 business days.


Edit #3: Updated listing to sold and closed the listing out.  Thanks for the interest and viewing my items for sale.

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