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For Sale: [SOLD]: Grado RS1

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
[SOLD]: Grado RS1

Will Ship To: Anywhere

[SOLD] Grado RS1


I am selling off some of my gears to finance big upgrade. I am the original owner of this Grado RS1 which I brought in July 08. I am asking for £xxx plus P&P. For most UK locations it is about £9.75. For Europe, please PM me and I will found out the cost of postage. I accept Paypal (verified) and personal cheque for UK. For Paypal payment please add 4% on top to cover Paypal fee. If you have any questions please let me know.



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There is no mod, no noticable mark, and it works perfectly. All the things that comes with RS1 is there - box, extension cable and phono to mini adapter (see 2nd pic above).














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Apparently I have "reached my limit of 2 PMs per day". Is this for new members?
Anyway, I'm UK based but too far away to collect. Am Paypal verified and have 100% extensive ebay feedback.
Will try to PM later after midnight, or if you can PM me then maybe include an email address if that isn't against site policy.
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Never heard of "2 PM per day limit" and I have been here awhile. I will refer you to Jude the moderator on this. Could you link me in to your ebay account feedback page? I will prefer all communication via here or PM.

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This explains things, assuming it's still in force. You may have to PM me an email address, or wait a couple of days while I choose my responses carefully!

I could always copy any agreement reached etc into a final PM so that it's on record on the forum if that helps. It's another option.
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I am in no rush, I can wait.

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Price revised.

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great price from a great headfi  member these should be purchased in confidence Freddie one of the good guys. Members with feedback should scoop these up.

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You have further PM.
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Sorry too late, it was sold.

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"Too late". That is most amusing Sleepy.
Hope this was as much fun for you...
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