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For Sale: FS: stock Grado cable (SR60/SR80)

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For Sale:
FS: stock Grado cable (SR60/SR80)

Will Ship To: Anywhere



Up for sale today is the stock cable from an SR80 ($OLD shipped and paypal'd to anywhere).  The cable is just under 7 feet long, and in great condition, but the first owner had the cable sloppily reterminated with a dubious-looking 1/4" connector.  I replaced the connector with a random, durable 1/4" plug that I had lying around (lol), but the connector has not been sealed so you can desolder it easily if you wish.  I can shorten the cable and turn the leftover into an extension for an extra $7 (Neutrik 3.5mm M + F connectors).  +$14 instead for Neutrik 4-pin XLRs, one male, and a female, so then you get a balanced cable + balanced-to-single-ended adapter.


I can recable your headphones with this nice cable if you send them to me, and at no additional cost other than return shipping.  I don't want to have to deal with wooden cups, however.


I am willing to trade for cotton sleeving, Neutrik NYS240BG or NYS373, Switchcraft RCA or mini plugs (chrome or black, doesn't matter, but gold-plated preferred), or DoubleHelixCables plugs.



Feel free to ask me any questions.



Thank you for looking!  n__n

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