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Need to get new On-the-ear phones after Sony MDR-V300

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Hi guys,

Short summary:

- I need On-the ear phones that are good on bass, light, comfortable and less than $100.


I'm not audio expert, but I've liked the Sony MDR-V300 I've used for many years. They're going to break soon and I need to get new phones.

Budget? Less $50 or nearby. I can do a $100 if its really good. I guess I use them so much so that's ok.


I like these companies: Sony, Panasonic, Phillips, JVC. I've had two bad experiences with Sennheiser and I'm open to buying them but I would have to test them first.


The kind of headphones I want are over the ear, so they're not earphones, or the circumaural ones where they cover the whole ear. It sits on the ear with a foam pad.

My requirements:

- Good on bass, and low bass. I don't like what I call "dirty bass", which means it lacks power at the lower end. I want bass that I can feel and hear. This is very important.

- Comfortable and light. Also important.

- Not too weak - they'll be used for a few years.

- Good reviews


On another note, I got these JVC earphones today for $25 shipped, the reviews were great (#1, if sorted by ratings):


I hope I like them. Another choice was this Sony one (#16) but some people didn't like the cord and it was $50, double the price.


Or should I just buy another Sony MDR-V300 because I've been satisfied with them, I don't know.

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Try the AKG K81DJ's. Their sound is fairly well rounded, with a small slant toward bassy. They are very well built, and isolate extremely well. Comfort can be an issue if you have a large head, but I think for most people, they would be considered reasonably comfortable. Typically, though, on-ear headphones aren't the most comfortable out there.


If you don't mind buying a fully open headphones, the Koss Porta Pro's are also a good option. I don't think they sound quite as good as the K81's, but they are much more comfortable. They also run $10-$15 cheaper. (The K81's are around $50, while the Porta Pro's are $35-$40)

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