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Kit availability

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Are there any DIY tube headphone kits? (like Assemblage line, but for headphones)
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yep go

They have some neat amp kits
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Doc Bottlehead doesn't have a headphone kit as of yet, but he's getting closer, and now actually admits that he's scheduling the development project.

As for myself, I can hardly wait.
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How much quality you want out of your future amplifier? I know of many. However, note that these kits are designed to be tweeked.
(This is for those bunches with Japanese Connections ... ) .... Generic kits

Headphone amp kits are very rare since many look for fullsized amplifiers. Building amp from schematics at HeadWize is as easy so do not get caught up looking for kits.

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I was hoping that a kit would lower the skill level neeeded for assembly. I dont really understand the schematics for the DIY headwizer amps. But I did have fun with my MG Head putting in a new tube socket-- too bad it didn't fix my problem.
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Check out the WAD HD83. I've eyed it a few times; looks like a nice kit.


EDIT: Oops, the link:
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Jaghouse -

Many of HeadWize library contains require some knowledge of electronics. However, Many does not.

Some can instruct you to understand audio electronics so that you can understand higher and more complex designs.

Unfortunately, the very basic understandings must studied. But do not be frightened. High school science textbooks with a chapter on electricity does excellent job. I recommend you read a bit on opamps. Then you read Mr. Moy's article on opamps. Then you should be able to understand most of the materials in the HeadWize Library.

You should probably not do tube designs. You can electricute yourself. Leave them till you are seasoned.

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hmmm....... why hasn't anyone mentions Jan's Corda amp? can get it in kit version.
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