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Sorry to post again in a separate post as opposed to editing the previous one.

I'm like to call an RxMk3 Listening session in Tokyo in the next few days but instead of me PM SPAMming all those Head-Fiers who live in Tokyo, I'm sure only a subset of you are interested in listening to these. Can you please PM me if you're interested and I'll create a PM group mail where we can organise an agreed time. Hopefully we can do this soon, then I can send the Rx Mk3 to Currawong (so that he doesn't have to come up here again :D).

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Originally Posted by shigzeo View Post

Of course, not all earphones (multi armature) will be better for going balanced as their crossovers are generally tuned for a specific input type. Dynamic I can understand. Franck at Earsonics mentioned specifically that his earphones wouldn't sound as good. He didn't provide graphs charting how the discrepancies spread over the frequency, but I will have to agree as I've used a number of customs in balanced and it's hit-or-miss, miss mostly.

Dynamic, however, I've never encountered one that isn't more engaging, with better left-right and instrument separation, and sometimes, awful bass humps smoothed out.

I can only comment on my Jh16 and Beyer DT1350 but they certainly sound far. Ore spacious running balanced. I have an adaptor cable to also run them single ended...but needless to say, it doesn't get much use.
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wow... i think i know SOMETHING!

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Just curious if you guys have any thoughts of my impressions of the RxMk3 against the SR-71B I put up yesterday in the previous page?
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Try again (see below).

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Originally Posted by monotune View Post



I usually wait for impressions until after a week or so of burn in time. This time I was blown away out of the box :). This is the new set up. This was the old set up...



 I have the exact setup as your 'old' rig (except the 'phones). Anyway, I was wondering if the MKIII has the same single-ended-input-to-balanced-output

type of circuit as the SR71B.


Can a balanced CLAS be far behind?

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Originally Posted by funch View Post


Lol :D. Not seeing any feedback, I had a hunch readers may have missed my RxMk3 vs SR-71B impression notes I put up yesterday. It was the last post of the previous page #2. But later I made another post which created a new page #3 so guess most ppl overlooked the impressions I wrote. Or if they did glance at it, they may have mistook it for the first impressions I wrote of the RxMk3 against the DX100/Go-DAP since the format of the impressions were the same.


 Here's the link to the previous page of the RxMk3 vs the SR-71B (tested in Single Ended mode only though) :-


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Anakchan, based on your experiences so far do you think you will be sticking to the dx100 for your portable setup or will you be switching to the CLAS+mk3?


Thanks for all your detailed writeups and great photos!

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I'd probably still keep my DX100. For me at least, the CLAS+Amp setup is primarily for the iPad when I'm sitting down somewhere. The DX100 is when I'm on the move (walking to/fro the train station, on the train, etc).

I'd rather not drain the battery of my iPhone with the CLAS+Amp config.
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Great Review. I'd love to get my hands on them.. gulp*
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Originally Posted by AnakChan View Post


Switching IEMs

Now either I'm either getting very accustomed to the Fit Ear TO GO! 334 or the Rx Mk3 needs more burning in, I find that the UM Merlins today painfully piercing. A few days ago I found the UM Merlins bright/glitzy but today it was almost painful. The UM Merlins were more agreeable with the SR-71B in this respect however the above impressions remain the same, but just not as strongly noticeable. Headphone/Earphone synergy with the amp and/or source is quite critical. i.e. there's no absolute "clear winner" when the earphone/headphone itself is a moving baseline target.


How is the bass boost on this thing with the Merlins? Interesting you find the highs to be too much, I found them pretty easy going when I listened to some Universal's through my head stage arrow/ipod touch.

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Cant wait to listen to this beast from a certain Headfier here 


Diana Krall locked and loaded popcorn.gif

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Diana Krall is always great. Devil may care is one of my reference tracks for any new gear.
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OK, let me re-word my prior question. Can this amp be used with a single-ended input to balanced output, or is it only single-to-single and balanced-to-balanced?

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