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VentureCraft Go-DAP DAC/Amp /Series: Go-DAP X (13th May 2012) and Go-DAP TT (21st May 2013)

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[13th May 2012] Go-DAP X - the first DAC/Amp to support multiple devices (iOS, Android 4.1+, PC USB Audio)

As mentioned by @ExpatInJapan here, VentureCraft is coming up with a new Go-DAP that can be used for iDevices and for Desktop/Laptop PCs. Preliminary impressions are that it sounds the pretty much the same as the Go-DAP 4.0 for iPhone 4/4S. It's dropped the proprietary 4/4S jacket and is more like the HP-P1/CLAS type concept (i.e. separate, non-integrated design), but it's slimmer than the HP-P1. It can be used with any current iDevice like the HP-P1, but the added functionality is that there's a switch which will allow it to be used as a PC Desktop/Laptop/Notebook USB DAC too. I believe this is the first such device I'm aware of anyway (not including the patch work of USB DAC+powered up+CCK to the iPad).


As the specs says :-

OpAmp is AD8066

Can be used as a transport with optical out

Comes with 2200mAh battery (like the upgraded Go-DAP 4.0) (5 hr charge, 7 hr discharge)

Made in Japan

W:67mm H:136.10mm D: 17.30mm 135g

PC DAC: Input 32/44.1/48kHz 16bit        Output 32/44.1/48kHz 16bit

iPhone DAC: Input 32/44.1/48kHz 16bit             Output 48kHz 16bit

HP Power output: 80mW+80mW (32ohm)

Dynamic Range: 90dB

Headphone Jack: Single Ended 3.5mm

Digital Output: 3.5mm Optical S/PDIF


Here are some pix of the prototype :-






[11th May 2013] SounDroid Typoon - the first portable DSD-capable DAC/Amp (also supports iDevices)


See here for Audionewbi's thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/663590/venturcraft-soundroid-typhoon



[21st May 2013] Go-DAP TT - the first iDevice Tube DAC/Amp (also supports PC USB Audio)

The Go-DAP TT is an iDevice/PC USB Audio DAC/Amp that sports a Raytheon 6111SQ tube. It has the same battery as the 3500mAh as the SounDroid Typhoon. Full specs are unknown at the moment but will be updated when known. Price is quoted to be Y79,800 (18th June 2013).


Posts starting from #406


Photo from VentureCraft's site

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Oh oh, ooh oh.


Hmm, maybe have to put my possible Fostex hp_p1 purchase on hold.


So how does this work, it just sits on top, like a mini clas/amp? how does the ipod stay affixed?


I wonder If in the future there will be different op amp options.

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Dooh! Apologies mate, I should have mentioned it to you. Yeah it's basically like the HP-P1, where your iPhone/Touch/iPod sits on top with a separate USB/30-pin Dock cable. Good question about the OpAmp, I'll talk to VentureCraft later next week or early week after to find out about OpAmp options.

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I was reading your posts ( 10 & 12).




Is this Op amp (AD8066)  a Burr or Muse? -what kind of music might suit it best?


I wonder when the release date for this would be, I like the slim lines of it and appreciate your reviews/thoughts on these products as you have owned quite a few of them.


Also interested in how it `measures up` to the Go-Dap and various upgrades as you have outlined here


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I've not reviewed the AD8066 yet. It's Analog Devices (yet another in addition to the Burr Brown & Muses). I'd need to have a listen to the AD8066.


The Go-DAP X is supposedly due around mid-summer. Yes the slim and sleekness is quite attractive actually. I'm still not certain about the volume knob yet. Although it's nice that it's protected but so far I've been used to the protruding-styled volume knob.


Once I get my hands on the Go-DAP X, I'll write up a little more.

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Yeah, I know its early days on this device for you too, and its an unknown,  just getting my queries out in advance :) heehee.


Excited, now have to decide whether to get the Fostex whilst I wait....hmmm.


Its surprising they didnt think of having a an all in one device (for all ipods/touches/iphones) right off the bat before. Having the Go-Dap only for the iphone4 series severely limited their potential customer base.


Anyway, I am excited about this product, the CLAS is nice and you can choose what amp to combine with it-but expensive, the Fostex is great-but still has that bulk and updating the firmware is troublesome, The DX100 is a great all in one but not all would like the UI.


*Another wonder will it also be using the AKM AK4353 DAC?

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Heres a pic from Fujiya Avics FB page.


Top picture (from left) is ? and ?, volume control and headphone port.


on the right side vertical pic -  I can read `surround` and `battery/bass boost` for the two buttons, below that are lights to show battery charging and battery remaining.


Bottom pic is (from left) gain -high/low , usb port and ??.

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I saw this briefly on Saturday at the festival. They were showing a leather case that would hold both an iphone as well as this Go-DAP X unit back-to-back. Certainly bulkier than the one that sleeves in the iPhone but maybe certainly less bulky than a iDevice/CLAS/National combo and even slimmer than an iDevice/HP-P1 combo.


I'm pretty rough with my mobile gear so I'm wary of that tiny switch that's used on the Go-DAP 4. I don't know if that small switch is also on the X device? Looks like that is gone.

The VentureCraft guy was saying to me, "it'll work with an iPhone 5." I looked at him quizzically and he explained, "well whatever the next iPhone will be, this will work with that future device."

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I`m thinking ipod touch 4G/Go Dap X/ ALO The National combo!

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Hmmm...you've raised a good point. I think that Go-DAP X will function only as DAC/Amp combo, or as a transport (i.e. optical out to an external DAC). I don't think you can use it as a "DAC " only.

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disappointed face.

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Finally. I can't believe it's taken this long for an iDevice and computer dac combo to finally be produced.
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I'm actually surprised nobody talked about the price...


So, is there any information on pricing? biggrin.gif

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DAC chip?

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AKM AK4353 for now. But it's also a prototype and VentureCraft mailed me that even the "Go-DAP X" name is temporary for now. i.e. may still change in the weeks/months to come.

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