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For Sale:
Decware Z Box tube buffer stage/minimalist preamp

Will Ship To: USA

My Decware Z Box tube buffer stage is in perfect working and cosmetic condition, conservatively rated "8/10" only for age. Read one of it's enthusiastic reviews at This is 100% handmade in the USA using premium parts. The Z Box can be used with any line source but is especially recommended for use with digital sources, providing that touch of "tube magic" and harmonic richness so often lacking in digital playback or in solid state systems. Rotary attenuator (use the Z Box as you would a passive preamp, if desired) allows you to dial in the voltage for sound that is exactly to your liking. The Z Box remains on at all times for best sound quality but the AC draw is very low, the unit stays cool to the touch, and your tube(s) will last for thousands of hours. Comes with one "analytical sounding" RFT 12AU7 tube and one "warm sounding" JJ ECC81 tube (both with low hours) and tube rolling is quick and easy. With the RFT installed and the Z Box attenuator fully open, the sound is slightly cool/crystalline but as the attenuator is dialed back the sound gradually becomes warmer/fuller. My favorite way to use the Z Box has been with the very linear sounding RFT 12AU7 tube, the Z Box attenuator rolled back slightly, and my active preamp volume control turned up slightly more in compensation.This adds just a touch of tube warmth and richness to digital playback, without loss of detail.This unit comes without a power cable but replacements are cheap enough. I have excellent buyer/seller feedback here, at Audiogon ("mutant"), Audio Asylum ("genungo"), and at ebay ("seldomblu") - so buy with confidence. $449 when new, I am now asking only $200 plus $20 for insured USPS Priority Mail shipping and Paypal fees (well below Audiogon Bluebook pricing). Paypal only, please... Thanks for looking!

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