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You evil man! GIEF!

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Seems like the adaptor for HD800 uses different wires. If that's the case, does it have adverse effect on SQ?

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The headphone adapters use very short lengths (about an inch or so) of high quality Mogami wire. The advantage is that it allows direct termination to the microscopically small pins on the HD-800 connector. I don't think people realize just how incredibly tiny they are.

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Several years ago, a guitarist friend likes the vintage look of our cables, which at the time were made using cotton and included some different colored "tracer" threads. He asked if I could use our cable to make him some guitar cables. He was about to go on tour and wanted it to have a "vintage vibe" (vintage guitars, amps, clothing).

I explained that our cable wouldn't make a very good guitar cable. Because of the extremely high output impedances of guitar pickups (which can be upwards of 20,000 ohms), you really need a cable with a full electrostatic shield to keep noise pickup as low as possible.

So the solution was to buy some high quality Mogami insrument cable and send it up to our braiders and have it braided over using the same cotton used for our cable sleeving.

I made two versions. A brown braid with two golden yellow tracers, which matched the braid of our cables, and one using a brown braid but with eight golden yellow tracers, which duplicated an old GE appliance cord from the 1950s that I had bought on eBay. While I did make a few cables using the eight tracer cable, my friend ultimately preferred the two tracer version, which left me with some of the eight tracer cable that's just been sitting here collecting dust.

Fast forward to yesterday.

I get a call from another friend asking what kind of cable he should get to connect his Burson Conductor to his active Yamaha studio monitors. The Burson only has unbalanced RCA outs. The Yamaha can accept balanced inputs by way of XLRs, and balanced and unbalanced inputs by way of a 1/4" TRS phone jack (balanced interconnection by way of 1/4" TRS is common on semi-pro gear).

So I told him he needed a cable with an RCA on one end, and a mono (TS) plug on the other.

While he was Googling to find such a cable, I was reminded of that left over eight tracer Mogami cable I had here. And since it involved both an RCA and a 1/4" plug, I could combine it with the Terrazzo barrels we use on our regular cables.

The result was beautiful.

NOTE: I have no interest or intention of making and selling cables like this. It was just the result of one favor for a friend being able to be used for another favor for another friend. I just thought the combination of Terrazzo and "appliance cord" was interesting and beautiful and wanted to show it off.
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Yes, it is beautiful!  Like the hat on your avatar, by the way...


-HK sends

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Yes, it is beautiful!  Like the hat on your avatar, by the way...

And the shades! Don't forget the shades! They're pretty stylin' too!

My thanks go out to fellow HeadFier @upstateguy who's been doing my makeovers for a while now and keeping me hip to the times.

Here are my humble beginnings from a 1920s Crosley radio ad. As you can see, that upstateguy is a real miracle worker.

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