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I think my ears were broken yesterday. They are just fine today.

Maybe think about getting that extended warranty. biggrin.gif


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My terrazzo plug is very light. With that plus the French silk (with no microphonics and great flexibility), I have no complaints. The fact that the cable doesn't twist at the Y split unless I want it to is also huge for me.
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Originally Posted by mowglycdb View Post

I think that the conectors are about 70% of the weight.

Working on a 1.5 meter cable at the moment.

Unterminated cable: 2 oz

Connectors for 1/4" TRS: 1 oz

Connectors for 4 pin XLR: 1.6 oz

Both connector weights include the pair of mini-XLRs at the headphone end.

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Does using the XLR-1/4" adapter add substantial weight at the end of the cable? I'm just thinking about whether the downward pull would be too much if the cable is hanging straight off the table.


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A male/female 4 pin XLR pair weighs in at just under 3 ounces. Not terribly heavy but certainly would put added stress on the 1/4" plug/jack.

What they mostly are is clunky. A sizable piece of metal just looking for something to bang into and scratch/chip/dent. Another reason I have no love for "balanced." It leads to abominations like 4 pin XLR (or much worse, dual 3 pin) to 1/4" adapters.

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3  to 1.6  including the mini XLR  is a good improvement :) 

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Originally Posted by mowglycdb View Post

3  to 1.6  incluiding the mini XLR  is a good improvement smily_headphones1.gif

Get out of here. biggrin.gif

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I've ordered a Q cable to replace my stock LCD-2 cable, which has a break that is quickly becoming unbearable. I hope it arrives quickly.


Don't let me down!

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I just have to give a shout out to Steve Eddy (owner of Q cable) for an awesome job on his cables!  I just received a Q cable today with additional adapters to use my HD800 and of course my LCD-3 and wow I am loving these cables.  Looks so beautiful and the build quality is hands down amazing!  Love it!  I was a skeptic at first but sonically I feel there is an improvement but the quality, lightness, and reduced micro phonics is simply worth the upgrade.  I definitely gives it two thumbs up and highly recommend to anyone who want to upgrade there stock cable.  These cables are so much lighter than my stock cable and looks a million times nicer!  Thank Steve for such great service and product!  :gs1000smile: Listening to my LCD-3 with Q cable and Bryston BHA-1 as we speak. 

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Thank you for the very kind words, dnlee. I'm glad you're happy with your cable.

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