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HA-Info U2 Plus and DA1

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Hi, I was looking to get an affordable cheap DAC/amp and have noticed these 2 floating around on ebay.  A quick search on head-fi here shows a favorable review for the U2 plus but I wasn't able to find more info on it.  Has anyone here had any experience with either of these DACamps?  The U2Plus looks pretty tempting at about 78 dollars shipped, while the DA1 is a bit more expensive at around 160 shipped (has a wolfson chip in it though).  If anyone here has any first hand experience with either of these, please let me know your input.


Thanks guys

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Hi, I'm Croatian and I also noticed that Ha Info DA1 DAC / amp. The forums have no experience described. I decided to buy it for $ 159.00 including postage. I will use two inputs for PC and Squeezebox clasics. Analog output for stereo preamp and a digital output to the AV receiver. I believe that this will work well.
If up to now, someone already has experience with these devices, it would be nice to be sharing with us.


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Originally Posted by grinccaffe View Post
If up to now, someone already has experience with these devices, it would be nice to be sharing with us.



Hi grinccaffe,


I've recently bought the HA INFO DA1 . The original unit had heating and distortion problems - it was sent back to the dealer for a replacement and the second unit is now working well. This is my first external DAC + head phone amp and generally happy with it. Source is FLAC files played via foobar2000 through a notebook USB port. I'm using the manufacturer's drivers on Windows XP, however, it didn't make any difference in the sound quality.


After playing the HA INFO DA1 for about 40 hours, I did notice an improvement in the sound quality, this is going into my old Sennheiser head phone + mic (don't have the model number since I bought it long ago). I do like the sound now and thinking of up-grading the head phone for something betterL3000.gif. Was originally thinking of another Shennheiser, the new Momentum. 


I bought the HA INFO DA1 for about USD$125.81 through a friend in China - seems to be a bit less expensive here.



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Just received my Ha-Info DA1. Definitely recommended.

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Splurged on a new set of headphones ... HiFiMan HE-400 gs1000.gif and it's now connected to the HA-INFO DA1! The maximum volume I'm able to play comfortably is around 11:00am position and it's loud enough for me.


Going to break in the new headphone and put some listening time , but so far the HA-INFO DA1 can drive the HE-400 pretty easily. They pair well and I'm liking to sound so far. The Wolfson DAC is pretty warm and smooth. Would like to know more on the specs of the unit, will dig around the internet and see what's there.


For a beginner / starting off on the head-fi road, the HA-INFO DA1 is a good deal.



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I found the following specs for the HA-INFO DA1.


Size: 11.2cm x 4.8cm x 18cm (width x high x deep)

Dynamic Range: >110db

THD + N (total harmonic distortion plus noise): <0.003%

SNR > 100dB

Frequency Response: 20Hz---20KHz

Sampling Rate: USB input---16Bit 24bit 44.1K-96K; Coaxial or Optical input---16~24Bit 44.1K~192k;

Supported OS: Windows XP, VISTA, Win 7 and Mac, Plug & Play, no installing drivers or software.

Input Interface: USB, Coaxial, Optical .

Output Interface: Coaxial, Optical, RCA stereo line out and 6.35 stereo headphones output

Line-OUT: 2V RMS

HeadPhone-OUT: 5V RMS

Power Supply: input--100-240V 50/60Hz AC, output--DC18V 0.65A

Suitable Headphone Impedance 10 ohm---300 ohm

Item Include: DA1 DAC X1, USB cable X1, Power cableX1, User Manual X1.


Headphone Amplifier: Class A


Unfortunately I can't find any specs that tells me the power output (in mW) for the headphone impedance between 10 ohm to 300 ohms. Makes me suspicious that it's not much.rolleyes.gif


Also missing is the specifications for the output impedance to drive the headphones...I've got a low impedance HE-400 headphone and want to know if there's an impedance mismatch.confused.gif


Note that the USB input is limited to no more than 96kHz - kind of a bummer. blink.gif


I'm now thinking of up-grading to a better DAC, headphone amp and USB interface. Looking hard at the Audio-GD Compass 2.tongue_smile.gif


Stephen Ting

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Can you guys confirm the spec of yours? I'm looking at one of these at the moment but its reported to come with the following components?


  • USB: PC2001 USB-B (Plug and Play & Support ASIO)
  • TENOR TE7022L usb reciever chip, supporting native 24bit 96Khz
  • AD1852 DAC
  • TPA6120A2 Headphone Amp chip
  • opamp : JRC5532DD


Any thoughts?

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