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New Headphones HD 600s

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I need headphones and I am thinking about getting the HD 600s with Headroom Supreme portable amps. What is the right price I should pay for these Items? I mainly listen to rock music like the Cure, REM, U2, Beatles, ect... Any suggestions for another headphone for this kind of music or should I stick with the HD 600s if I can afford it? Thank you.
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I'm gonna have to post the obligatory rock music -> Grado Headphone comment. For the price range of the Senns, I think the Grado SR-225 would be about right.

Also, if you are going to be using this as a portable headphone with a cd player or something, you might want closed headphones because they won't leak so much sound to bother people around you. Neither the grados or the senns you are looking at are closed, but I know other manufacturers make some good ones (you are clearly looking for higher class than Sony, and that's all I know about so far as closed goes)

But for that kind of money, you have a lot of options, and someone else would probably be able to give you some good suggestions.
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I listen pretty much the same stuff. The HD600 will help, but you may want to look into the HD580 because its cheaper. You may want the HD590 because some people say they sound better for rock, not so laid back.

Try going to www.meier-audio.com. Jan sells the HD600 at a greatly reduced price and offers the corda head amp which had some great reviews. You can also purchase the porta corda if you need portability. I know the supreme is not exactly portable and it does cost a lot.
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I wouldn't recommend the HD 600 if you mainly listen to Rock. You'll want headphones that sound brighter, and give more ringing to the bass instead of sheer detail. Try out a pair of Sennheiser HD590, or Beyerdynamic DT831. As for the amp, I love the Supreme for portable use. But if you're using this for home and want solid state, I recommend the Creek OBH-11SE (it's cheaper yet sounds better!).
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You recomend the DT831 for rock music? I thought that is was more for classical music. Are you sure about this?
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Yes, they sounded great for Rock (Lenny Kravitz, No Doubt, Dave Matthews Band) to me. The other ones are too hard to drive for portable.
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To hard to drive for portable? Wouldn't the amp help drive the phones? As you can tell, I am a novice. Thanks alot for your input and help.
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I'm sure the Creek amp would drive the other models well (600ohm), but I think the Supreme would choke.
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I have used both the Headroom Supreme AND the Creek with the HD600's, and the BOTH choke.

The HD600's/580's are very difficult to drive. They are high impedence, and have a big impedence jump about 100hz, which knocks out their low bass with most amps.

I have settled on the ASL MG Head OTL as my headphone amp.
Makes the HD600's tolerable. The transformer out give more detail but less bass. The OTL output is ok.

I plan on trying some Clou cables soon.

Oh yeah, if the MG Head had not done the trick, I would have dumped the HD600's.

Lack of low end bass (less than full range frequency response) is unacceptable in a headphone of the HD600's claims and price.
You have to use a high impedence output amp.

Good test for low end response? Common song-"Lady Marmalade" by Cristina Aguilera. It has some really low notes, most systems won't reproduce. Also, Reference Recordings label "Mephisto and Company" (classical, Eije Oue and the Minnesota Orchestra), the track labelled "Baba Yaga".
I use the Baba Yaga to test speakers. One speaker salesman said "I've never heard them do that before" when testing Vandersteen IIce Signatures.

Once I got speakers that had TRUE low end response, and also had the Sony MDR7506's, I got used to low end sound being present. Then I went on a headphone quest..dumped the Grado's and went into "fix HD600" mode. Have new headphone amp now, and am going to try the Clous, as soon as Headroom credits my card for some returns.
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Originally posted by Audio&Me
I wouldn't recommend the HD 600 if you mainly listen to Rock. You'll want headphones that sound brighter, and give more ringing to the bass instead of sheer detail. Try out a pair of Sennheiser HD590, or Beyerdynamic DT831.
Woah, for rock, I wouldn't want something "brighter" than the HD600. To me, the HD590 and DT831 (if they're as bright as people say) would simply hurt with rock I love the HD600 for rock.

Grados are great for rock, as well.
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BUY the HD600!


I suggest to buy HD600 or HD580 with an headphone AMP.

These phones are very clean sounding, not only making them ideal for jazz and classic, but for ANY SORT of MUSIC.

I own them, trust me..

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The person who owns something is the last person you should trust for a review of that something.

I like my HD600s too and disagree about them not being able to reproduce bass. Maybe I need to go look at some graphs but it seems to me that I hear more detail, even in the low end, with the HD600 than I did with the 7506... and this without an amp.

I also don't feel the HD600s are too harsh but am somewhat alarmed to hear you describing your DT831s as that since I have a pair on order.

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What I meant by bright was something with more spark in the high end. As for HD600 lacking bass, that's rubbage. If you want super low frequencies that you can't even make out or even hear, fine, get something that has that (Sony MDR-7506).
My tastes, since I am so used to the sould of my MG Head (I wonder if I should get the OTL, but I don't even know what it is or what it does, lol), tubes are my thing. I like low end and high end roll offs, gives a much warmer sound.

"Ringing to the bass" - tighter mid range, will bring out your electric guitars and bass drums, etc. HD600 are laid back(which I like).
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