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Sennheiser HMD-26 series

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These headsets are supposed to be professional broadcaster quality. Does anyone have any experience with them? I have listened to a shout cast where the commentators were using these and I fell in love with how well the microphone worked. This could be also due to amps, mixers and filters, but it looked like these headsets are definitely a step above the usual $100-$200 gaming headset. I host my own webshow and I try to give me viewers the best quality I can provide, visually and audio wise. Currently I am using a Blue Yeti microphone and no headset since I hate wearing headsets for long periods of time.

So here are the questions, does any of you have any hands on experience with these cans? Amazon does not sell them so I can't just order and try them out.

If you do have hands on experience or know about these headsets, how comfortable they are for long sessions? I hate them to get my ears wet. Also they look on ear, is that the case or they are over ear? For the same price range can I get something better? What is the difference between a dynamic cardioid mic and an omni directional condenser? I am looking for a mic that would only register my voice and transmit it as clear as possible with the least amount of outside interference. My current desktop microphone, although very good, picks up a lot of the shock noise from the table and keyboard clacking and I am not planning on mounting it on a shock mount.  Just fill me in with what you got, regarding these headsets man, I am really excited about them but I want to know much more about them before I fork out $400.

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bump for info

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thinking about bumping this until i find someone

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The HMD/HME 26 are based on the HD 25.


The earcups are different as they are fully modular and have interchangeable cable sets.


They first came out in 2009 (I think) as the HME 26 for airline pilots and later with different cables and dynamic microphone options for private pilots and broadcast use.


I think you will find the headphones themselves pretty close to the HD 25 / Amperior in sound.


The dynamic mic. is a slant super-cardioid, the same as is in the HMD 25.


I hope this answers your questions OK.

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Lol thnx, let me ask a question in laymen terms i guess, are they worth the $400 price tag over the lets say $220 Senheiser PC360 headset?

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The microphone must be pretty good to  justify the price (since It's based on the hd25, and twice the price of it).

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Well microphone does sound great but as I said earlier but these guys are professionals where I am pretty sure there is a sound engineer sitting behind the curtain mixing and adjusting signals etc. so its probably not just because of the microphone.

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If that helps, from wikipedia:

The most common unidirectional microphone is a cardoid microphone, so named because the sensitivity pattern is a cardoid. The cardoid family of microphones are commonly used as vocal or speech microphones, since they are good at rejecting sounds from other directions.



This  is what you want.


Just by looking at them, I  would say they are not comfy at all wink.gif. Design similar to hd25,   that I  do not often bear more than a  half hour.



If you don't want to spend too much on a headset , you might look at the koss sb45.  I  noticed it because it was used during a  toefl exam.

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Originally Posted by Andyk5 View Post

Lol thnx, let me ask a question in laymen terms i guess, are they worth the $400 price tag over the lets say $220 Senheiser PC360 headset?


Yes - they are a professional headset that has to be reliable and dependable on anything from a trans-atlantic / trans-continental flight or on a live television broadcast.


The PC360 is a consumer headset.



Originally Posted by extrabigmehdi View Post

The microphone must be pretty good to  justify the price (since It's based on the hd25, and twice the price of it).


Of course - microphones are normally more expensive than headphones.


I do a microphone for a headset that sells for nearly £2,000.00 - so it's not really expensive at all.

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they sound cleaner and this model without the mic is around 319 dollars

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