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CMoy with 2x AD8610 or 1x AD8620

Will Ship To: Anywhere

So a while back I tried the AD8620 more on a whim than anything else when I wanted to find something more suited to my current headphones and tastes and saw some on eBay already in the adapter for fairly cheap. I had a CMoy left over and decided to give it a try. To my astonishment, it's just about everything I could ask for in an OPAMP. I only have one CMoy though and I need another since that one has ended up being dedicated to my computer paired with an Alien DAC and I need something portable from time to time.

It seems pretty wasteful to buy a CMoy and then throw out the OPAMP (I already have at least one spare OPA2132 and I disliked the OPA2227 which are by far the most commonly used in CMoys just up for sale on places like eBay at least) plus spending an extra $10 to get the AD8620 already in the adapter AND waiting a month for it to arrive (the only sellers I saw with these already in the adapters are in China and I'd rather not try to solder one myself even assuming I could find one and the adapter for cheap enough closer than China to be worth it.) I'd rather just buy a CMoy from someone who could just go ahead and use the right OPAMP from the start, thus reducing the extra cost of another OPAMP. There's no point in adding the cost of an OPAMP I have no use for to the thing, so I'd like to try to find someone who can sell me a CMoy with the correct OPAMP already in it. I'm just not able to afford to be wasteful in such things.

I don't see myself changing this any time soon, and if all else fails I can just switch the CMoys so I don't really mind even if the chip -- or chips -- is soldered directly to the board if that makes any difference. My other CMoy has a DIP socket and is smaller than usual even for a CMoy so I can just switch with it if I, for whatever reason, I want something else (and, in fact, I may go ahead and do so since there's plenty of room in the box I'm using with the Alien DAC for a normal sized CMoy whereas the extra small one might be more suitable to portable applications) so if it makes any difference a dip socket is not needed. I don't know if it really does since they aren't that expensive or hard to do, but, for example, the SOIC chip (or chips) could be soldered directly without an adapter at all if that's any easier to do and I wouldn't mind not being able to swap it out.

It would be nice if it had a better looking tin than the usual Altoids. I don't want an expensive case and smaller is better since it's for portability though. Even Penguins looks better IMO. However, it's more important that I get a decent CMoy for a lower price so if Altoids tins are all that are available that's fine.
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