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Best foam eartips for Etymotic hf3 earphones?

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I need a pair of good foam ear-tips for the Etymotic hf3 phones.  The ones that I'm currently using are stock Etymotic foam tips, the ones that come with the earphones.  The main things that I'm looking for, in descending order of importance, are:


  • The lowest modification of sound possible.  I don't want the foam to emphasize bass too much, and I most certainly don't want the treble to be disturbed.
  • Good isolation, preferably at a level equal or greater than the original tips.
  • A decent level of comfort, preferably higher than that of the original tips, as they get scratchy and annoying after a while.


The ones that I have my eyes on at the moment are the Ts-100 and P-series tips from Comply.


If you have any suggestions regarding these tips, or any others, your input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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The Shure Olives are pretty popular around here.

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Thanks.  I've thought about those as one of my other options, but I've heard that they are dense and uncomfortable.  I am probably going to look more into them, though.

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If anyone else has a suggestion, it would be greatly appreciated.

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+1 on the Shure Olives.
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I also liked the Shure Olives best on the HF3 when I had them. I actually found them to be most comfortable for my smallish and short ear canals. Less attenuation of trebles compared to Complys.

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+1 for the olives.  I've used both comply t100 and olives tips with etymotic iems and I prefer much more the olives. They are both very comfortable and you won't have the scratchy feeling the ety black foams give. The complies are slightly softer and regain their form a little bit faster but because of the sleeker outer layer of the olives my ears like them more. Also, because the olives are denser they retain the highs and the sparkle  slightly better while the complies mellow the sound a little bit more, which people, who tend to find the ety's highs harsh, prefer. You won't go wrong with both though but the olives have one more advantage - they are more durable and last much longer, so it's a no-brainer for me.


edit: oh, forgot to mention that both comply and shure olives have an excellent isolation, so you don't have to worry about that

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I guess that the Shure Olives are going to be my choice.  Thanks for the suggestions, guys.

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Another HF3 + Olive user here. They isolate as well as the stock triflanges, and are pretty comfortable, and don't alter the frequency response. The only issue is normal wear and tear after about 3-4 weeks of daily listening.

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This is helpful. I will be a new HF3 owner having jumped at a recent deal in the deals thread. I use Shure and have olives on hand. To the OP (who probably already got the olives given all the above responses), they come in sizes. Too bad Shure does not sell aftermarket size assortments, only small bulk of each size. A smaller olive should fix any discomfort issue. The density of the material they're made from is a plus and is why they cut out ambient noise so well. I did try the large olives on my Shure IEM; olives big enough to plug a gorilla's nose. Those giant olives squashed down small, but just caused more pressure when expanded outward.


I hope to hear good things with the HF3. That was an unexpected purchase I couldn't pass up.

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Olives and T130 for the best sound. 

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I like everyone else have an opinion.

But, I throw it right out the window and seek out facts, IE Measurement Data.

Here is a great blog site with the Data: http://rinchoi.blogspot.com/2012/04/effect-of-ear-sleeves-etymotic-research_07.html?m=1

Enjoy, Jim
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Originally Posted by Inks View Post

Olives and T130 for the best sound. 



What's the T130?

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Shure olives are actually really comfortable
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I own a hf5 and tried putting olives on them, halfway through putting them on completely I gave up and decided to continue using the tri flanges, as the olives are so tight on the hf5 that I'm afraid that I won't be able to remove the olives without breaking the nozzle as some other members have experienced.

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