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Go to your sansa clip. Go to settings and then go to format. Format your mp3 player. Then try to update or re-install the newest firmware. 

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Do you have a good tag editor such as mp3Tag so you can check your tags and make sure they are ID3 V2.3 ISO8859-1? If your tags are ID3 V2.4, that might be the reason the player is choking. If you don't have MP3Tag, I suggest you download it. It is free.



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Originally Posted by Dacrazydude View Post

This is in the wrong section of the forums. A sansa clip is neither a portable IEM or a headphone. Go to the Portable Source Gear part of the equipment forum. Can you show me a picture of your clip? I don't understand why your version of the Sansa clip would have different firmware then what you can find online. What firmware do you have? 


oh ok i get you now, sorry i couldn't find the right part of the forum so if a mod could move it? :D

ill upload a picture tomorrow, got an early start so i'd better get to sleep. had enough of this f****g thing lol


much love to you guys c u in morning :D (im in UK)

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DaCrazydude:  tried that didnt work


installed that tag thing but I dont know how to use it? i just ended up completely stripping a QOTSA album of its tags by accident :/

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The files im having problems with are mostly ID3 v2.2..... and Mp4

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The stuff you are having problems with is from iTunes? There is a known issue, try removing the album art with mp3tag and see if that clears it. Do you have any CDs you can rip to mp3s? Try loading the mp3s and see if they cause any problems.

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ok ill give it a go thanks. unbelievable how sandsik would release something that even someone semi-computer savvy would be completely screwed with if they used itunes for importing music...



ok i cant figure out how to strip off all the album artwork......


finally figured it out. the process took about 30 mins, must have been a lot of tags to overwrite..... ill try loading the music on again and playing it


and... since doing that half of my library is completely screwed. I seriously hate this thing. not worth the hassle.



EDIT: HOWEVER you LEGEND RobBeer, i really don't see how artwork should so massively screw with the mp3, but since stripping all the artwork and album covers off, its all working as it should, no need for updates that dont work etc.

i shall be sorting out that c**p later. i dont know whats happened to the rest of my library but its a mess. I hate technology rarely but today. I DEFINITELY have done....

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I hit reply before I read you got it working. Good Job!

Big album art can cause problems. I try to keep all mine to a 500x500 pixel size.

(Sorry to hear about your tags... I am ID3 OCD so I know how it is to loose them.)


Info for future reference then... is current firmware for the clip+


I just grabbed a few tracks from Hospital Records (Sick Music 2) and they are just 320K MP3's so there is no DRM or any other foolishness involved.


I put them on the Clip+, Switched back to Sansa firmware (V01.02.16A) for me (Rockbox allows you to dual boot the firmwares) and the songs played fine.


You might want to try a Factory Reset from the Settings > System Settings > Reset Factory Settings menu. Also Formatting the player from the Settings > System Settings > Format menu might clear up any funny storage problems.


After the Reset and the Format you might want to try the Firmware update again. http://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/300


Put some of your songs back on and see if they play better.


Also if the volume output is too low make sure you pick the Rest of the World in region and not EU.

(EU regulations say the volume output of a portable audio device MUST be limited to 85dB.)




Rock Box Stuff...

If you interested (many more features and formats supported)


In order to install RockBox the Clip+ has to be in MSC Mode (Shows Up as a Drive on the Computer) It defaults to MTP mode which is only accessible from Windows Media Player with Playlists.


MSC mode instructions:

  • Turn on the Clip+
  • Navigate to "Settings" on the menu of the device itself 
  • Next select "System Settings"
  • Next, navigate to "USB Mode" and select "MSC"


When first starting Rockbox Utility run “Autodetect”, found in the configuration
dialog (File → Configure). Autodetection can detect most player types. If autodetection
fails or is unable to detect the mountpoint, make sure to enter the correct values. The
mountpoint indicates the location of the player in your filesystem. On Windows, this is
the drive letter the player gets assigned.


If Rockbox will not play the files either then I'd say the songs are bad or the Clip+ has a problem.

Be sure to remove Rockbox from the player before you send it back for replacement.


Good Luck

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Originally Posted by ceryni View Post

The files im having problems with are mostly ID3 v2.2..... and Mp4

That might be the problem. The Clip+ needs ID3 V2.3 ISO 8859-1 tags. With mp3Tag, you can convert all the tags to the correct formal in one step. Get rid of the mp4 files(take them off the player).

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