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For Sale: Microsoft Zune 30GB White

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Microsoft Zune 30GB White

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Price is with Paypal gift and includes shipping within the 48 continental states. Will come with the Zune and usb cord only. 

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Could you possibly post some pics of the Zune, please?


Also, how long have you had it (how old is it)? Does it still work more of less the way it did when first acquired it?



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I guess no response means no sale.
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Sorry I check pms more frequently then threads. I'll have a photo up soon. Not actually sure how old it is but it works very well. Battery life is still very good. I'd say its pretty close to the standard spec. I'm going to do a rundown test if I have time.
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It's all good. That's cool.



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Payment Sent. Thankssmily_headphones1.gif

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