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For Trade:

Will Ship To: Inside EU

Hello there!


Upgrade fever struck again and now I no longer have use for this item. It's in great condition, almost brand new. I've done some slight opamp swapping and I'm selling it with the following opamp changes to the stock configuration: the two cheap 5532's in the filter section have been replaced with OPA2107. Sounds much nicer this way if you ask me. But all 11 dual opamps in this box are socketed so you can swap them out too if you want. I can include some easy to swap opamps for free in the trade, stuff like 49720's that have a slightly more neutral sound than the stock configuration. This is a fantastic desktop friendly all in one DAC (balanced), HP amp (single ended) and PRE (balanced), the successor to the popular ASUS Xonar STX series.


This item is strictly for TRADE ONLY. Yes, that's right. I don't want your money, I want to try out some new headphones! I would prefer to trade inside EU, but depending on the deal I can consider shipping outside the EU too. If the values of the trade items vary a lot we can of course manage to balance out the price differences via Paypal!


I'm primarily interested in:


- HIFIMAN headphones. Never tried any of their stuff!

- DENON headphones. Same thing.

- GRADO headphones. Another brand I have almost no experience of.

- ULTRASONE headphones. I want to find out what the fuzz is about.

- SENNHEISER HD 650. A classic I've bought and sold a few times, but still miss!


You can also suggest other headphone related gear for trade, in particular headphone amps. 


Thanks for reading! Please message me if you have something you think I'd be willing to trade the E1 for :) I'll try to reply to any messages ASAP!

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