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Diablo III Character Poll

Poll Results: Which Diablo III Character will you play first?

  • 18% (12)
  • 27% (18)
    Demon Hunter
  • 18% (12)
  • 13% (9)
    Witch Doctor
  • 21% (14)
65 Total Votes  
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Which Diablo III character will you play to start D3?


Edit: I'm planning on either the Monk or Wizard first. I voted Wizard, but I liked the Monk a lot in the closed beta.

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I'm thinking monk. I might go with barbarian though. Also depends on the other guys I'm going to be playing with.
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Really enjoyed playing Demon Hunter during the last beta a few weeks ago. I got up to around level 15 with both the Demon Hunter and a Barbarian and much preferred playing demon hunter, as I found the barbarian a bit boring in comparison tbh. I'm sure, however, that come the 15th theres going to be no shortage of witch doctors and barbarians, so demon hunter it is biggrin.gif
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Demon Hunter all the way.


Because I've always preferred the Rogue on D1, the Amazon on D2, and I will continue this way.


But this time around I'm not buying D3 just yet... too much stuff to do in real life to become addicted again.


I was one of the first in my town to get Diablo II the day it was released.



There already was a Monk in Diablo Hellfire, lol

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Monk all the way. Looks really fun here and Monk-esque characters are usually my pick in any game. (Heck I DnD Monk is I ever feel like old school paper).

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Witch Doctor or Demon Hunter for me!


Gotta admit though, Barbs have the coolest armor.

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Originally Posted by MorbidToaster View Post

 (Heck I DnD Monk is I ever feel like old school paper).

I have the CE of D2, which actually came with a paper RPG version of Diablo. Never played it, it's still in the original box.

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Wizard for lyfe

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Came down to a coin flip between Demon Hunter and Wizard for me, ended up with DH. Planning to start a Wizard before long though.


Monk was a front runner too, but a few of my friends were gonna go for that and I thought I would roll something different.

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Barbarian because my natural playing style is to run into the middle of the action and pound away.  Heck, I played for 45mins or so last night and got to level 7 so I guess I'm already on my way to being a barbarian.


Second character will probably be a monk or demon hunter.  I don't have the patience for a wizard or witch doctor type character, staying at the edges of the battle and casting spells.

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I always play the archer class.

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You guys bought and played the game? Reviews aren't as unanimously positive as I would have liked them to be :-S


What is annoying me is that some people say they have beaten the game completely in only one night, this shouldn't be, lol. I guess they will patch the game and make it harder.

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Started out a witch Doctor but nwo I am 100% sure I will max out Demon Hunter first. Just too much fun.

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Originally Posted by devouringone3 View Post

You guys bought and played the game? Reviews aren't as unanimously positive as I would have liked them to be :-S


I pre-ordered it months ago.  I've got ~4 hours in on the release version and I just beat the Skeleton King (first boss but not an Act boss).  When I played the open beta a few weeks ago, I got to this point in less than an hour but now, I am taking my time, exploring the maps fully, leveling as much as possible.  Sure, if you want to be a speed freak, you probably could beat the game pretty quickly but that's not the point of the game.  To me, the Diablo games, like RPGs, are more about the journey than the end.  I only played through Diablo I once but I spent a lot of time in Diablo II over several years with different characters and leveling them as much as possible.


I can understand some of the negative reviews, though.  To me, it feels like Diablo II.2, just more of the same.  Diablo II felt like a huge improvement over the original, new gameplay features, etc..  That feeling isn't there with Diablo III, it's almost like Diablo II with better graphics and different characters.  Almost like an expansion pack.  I also don't like that they took out the skill tree; it's too simple now.


I'm sure I'll play through twice but, right now, I don't think it'll kill my life like Diablo II did.

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Oh that's good then I can buy it, lol! If you say it's not going to turn me into an addict as much as Diablo I and II did on me. I think I'm resilient enough to that... but I've avoided WoW altogether because I did not have enough free time on my hands.

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