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OK, this will probably sink like the Titanic, but these are my suggestions


1. Take speakers out of the godforsaken cables thread and create a 'Speaker Rigs' forum


2. Create a 'Pro Audio' sub-forum to discuss pro/studio gear which may be of interest to audiophiles and music lovers


3. Create a 'Vintage Audio' sub-forum to discuss all manner of vintage kit


4. Create sub-forums under headhones, sources and amps called 'Budget Gear' - ideally sub $500, but definitely sub 1k. That might be 'budget' in the wider audio universe, but I get the distinct impression that many on Head-Fi wouldnt see a thousand dollar DAC as  budget kit ...


Anyway, something to think about. Enjoy your day.


(yes, I know this is Head-Fi not AudioKarma - just take a breath and think about the most popular threads across the forums - you'll soon realise that I'm not as silly as I look  wink.gif )